Saturday, December 19, 2009

Solidarity with Swedish anarchist Jonatan

From Break the Chains:

ELP encourages everyone to support Jonatan. He reads and writes English and as the
below e-mail shows, he welcomes all letters of support.

Letters of support should be sent to:

Jonatan Strandberg
BOX 248
593 23 Vastervik


Dear comrades,
please spread this call for swedidish ELF/anarchist prisoner Jonatan
and publish it on lists, blogs and websites. Jonatan is in a closed
prison far away from his comrades, friends and supporters now. He
really needs support. His mood is changing a lot and he feels kind of
depressed. We also would like you all to maybe think of sending him
something theese days. He won't get a lot visitations tin this time.
Jonatan will propably join the collective hungerstrike of prisoners in
struggle starting the 20th december.

If you send him books, make shure that there is nothing written by

hand in it. Also if you send him CDs they have to be original
otherwise he won't get them.
Jonatan is interested in (green)anarchism, anti-civ theory,indigenous
struggles...the wild. He like music of all kind (from HC to HipHop,
Drum and Bass,Folk...). He'll be also really happy about posters and
flyer from the resistance on the outside...
Nothing forgiven-no one forgotten!
For anarchy,social war and total liberation!
with love and rage

ABC-Orkan (anarchist black cross group from northern germany)

Read a Communique from supporters here

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is what Green Capitalism looks like

From Copenhagen, where the 'non violent' march on the Bella Center (site of the Climate Conference) was, not surprisingly, attacked violently by the police. This the green future we have to look forward to, thank god for Democracy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'riots outside, chaos inside': 1500 arrested in Copenhagen during Climate Summit

Protests against the COP 15 climate summit in Copenhagen have been met with major police repression. Danish police militarized much of the city arresting 1,500 people over the weeks demonstrations. Last night saw clashes outside the autonomous Christiana district, with rioters throwing firebombs at police.

analysis of the events:
"what if they threw a black bloc and the police arrested everyone"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"there will be no 'return to normal', this is civil war..."

In response to the 2nd eviction of Wheeler Hall on the UC Berkeley campus an angry mob of torch-wielding students and non students made its way to School Chancellor Birgeneau's palatial mansion after a concert held in support of those arrested:

"As the protesters marched from the concert, they made makeshift barricades and obstacles (mostly from trash cans) for vehicles attempting to drive through the crowd. The march quickly turned into a small riot, taking the streets and blocking traffic. At one point a car irritated with the marchers, sped through the crowd carelessly, hitting an individual (although, no one suffered any apparent harm). As the crowd approached the entrance to campus, some lit torches. They approached the Chancellor’s residence on campus and began smashing lights, damaging windows, and breaking pots."

8 people were arrested in the aftermath of this action, all are being charged with serious crimes including attempted arson.

California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger stated "California will not tolerate any type of terrorism against any leaders including educators...The attack on Chancellor Birgeneau's home is a criminal act and those who participated will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law,"

A communique entitled "Torchlit Evening with Birgeneau" was released shortly after the action.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Breaking News! Raids in Santiago, Chile Target Anarchists

At 6am today, Friday the 11th of December, an intense police operation began headed by the 'Bombing Investigation' Division with squatted social centers and private homes raided throughout the metropolitan region... Until now six spaces have been raided: 3 squatted buildings and 3 private residences, in the areas of Central Santiago, Macul, Renca, El Bosque and Recoleta. Corporate media reports that there are 12 people who are being detained, 8 of whom have been interrogated.

The raids were carried out by armed contingents of the PDI (Investigative Police Bureau) and the Carabineros (The National Police force). At the Sacco and Vanzetti Squatted Social Center and Library, located in central Santiago, 4 comrades have been detained and are being held incommunicado by the BIPE (special department of the investigative police). It appears that the Social Center was defended due to reports of the remains of many broken bottles scattering the streets in front of the building. Well known squats La Crota and La Idea and El Hogar were also raided by strong contingents of armed police. It is reported that the police took computer equipment, bikes, propaganda, and cell phones from all of the squats.

From Liberacion Total
"We issue a call out for international solidarity! Stay alert, informed, and ready to fight! To our comrades from the social centers and squats: you are not alone, we understand and assume the consequences of declaring ourselves and acting as daily enemies of authority.
The comrades who have had their houses raided and who are detained have faced this difficult moment with their heads held high, standing up as enemies of authority, as a consequence our solidarity ought to be brandished like the threatening weapon it is!

We will smash, liberate, paint, stone, burn, detonate, and communicate... Our offensive and our vengeance will spread like the black plague and echo in their ears, because if you touch one of us, you touch us all!"

URGENTE! Allanamientos y detenciones en Santiago, $hile
A partir de las 6:00 de la mañana paralelamente carabineros y policía de investigaciones realizaron allanamientos a 4 Okupaciones y 2 viviendas particulares en Santiago. Los allanamientos se enmarcan dentro de la investigación del “Caso Bombazos”. Los allanmientos que comenzaron a las 6:00 de la mañana terminaron a eso del medio dia.

El Centro Social Okupado y Biblioteca Sacco y Vanzetti, ubicada en el centro de la capital, fue allanado por el equipo militarizado de la Policía de Investigaciones (armados con ametralladoras, escopetas y armas cortas), ante lo que lxs compañerxs de el CSO Sacco y Vanzetti dieron la pelea y se enfrentaron a los verdugos, lxs cuatro compañerxs fueron finalmente detenidxs y trasladadxs a la BIPE (Brigada de Investigaciones Policiales Especiales) por agredir a funcionarios. Desde esta casa fue incautado desde material de lectura, propaganda, bicicletas, telefonos moviles, pendrives, discos duros, etc…

Al mismo tiempo también fue allanada La Okupa La Idea, en el centro de la capital, siendo esta la 3º vez, a manos de carabineros con el GOPE (Grupo de Operaciones Policiales Especiales), Fuerzas Especiales y Labocar (Departamento de Criminalística), fuertemente armados. De La Idea se llevaron variedad de material como pendrives, discos duros, bicicletas, propaganda, etc… No se sabe de ningun detenidx en esta casa…

También en el centro de Santiago fue allanada La Okupa La Crota que también consta de una biblioteca llamada Centro de Documentación Anarkista Itinerante. Al lugar ingresaron funcionarios de carabineros (GOPE, Labocar, Fuerzas Especiales y agentes de civil) fuertemente armados con ametralladoras y armas cortas, lxs compañerxs que se encontraban defendieron el espacio y a ellxs mismxs, resultando 5 compañerxs detenidxs por maltrato a carabineros y trasladadxs a la 33 comisaria de Ñuñoa. Del lugar carabineros se llevo una gran cantidad de bicicletas, CD`s, pendrives, documentos de investigación, propaganda, discos duros, telefonos moviles, ect…

El cuarto allanamiento fue en La Okupa El Hogar, ubicada en la comuna del Bosque, el cual fue realizado por efectivos del carabineros (GOPE, Labocar, Fuerzas Especiales y agentes de civil) y de donde se llevaron diverso material, al igual como en las otras casas.
Lee Todo

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Repression in Greece met with a New Wave of Occupations/ SF State Occupied in California!

The streets will win, or the terror will win...
In Greece the protests held for the anniversary of the murder of Alexis have been met by heavy repression and brutality. The police have made incursions into the supposedly protected spaces of the public universities three times and are holding hundreds on fabricated charges. Bail for arrested comrades is thousands of euros.

Despite the repression action continues and a new wave of occupations has begun at universities and of radio stations throughout Greece.

Informacion sobre Grecia
con video y fotos por Liberacion Total

(student occupiers barricade themselves inside SFSU)

In San Francisco breaking news is that students at San Francisco State University have just occupied the business building. About 30-40 students are inside the building, with another 50 outside. The occupations continue!

SFSU Occupiers Blog

Sunday, December 06, 2009


A year ago 15 year old Alexis Grigoroupolus was murdered by police in Athens setting off weeks of rioting that spread throughout Greece. This year mass marches and rioting have broken out in Athens and Thessaloniki the newly elected Socialist government is taking a heavy handed approach to demonstrations staging preemptive raids , charging people under anti terror legislation and turning city centers into a police state. Breaking news from Athens.

Riot Police have run people over with motorbikes (critically injuring one) and can be seen here attacking goups in Athens:

The Bricks We Throw at Police Today Will Build the Liberation Schools of Tomorrow

“If you’re scared today you’ll be scared tomorrow as well and always and so you’ve got to make a start now right away we must show that in this school we aren’t slaves we have to do it so we can do what they’re doing in all other schools to show that we’re the ones to decide because the school is ours.”

The Unseen, Nanni Balestrini

Days later, voices in unison still ring in our ears. “Who’s university?” At night in bed, we mumble the reply to ourselves in our dreams. “Our university!” And in the midst of building occupations and the festive and fierce skirmishes with the police, concepts like belonging and ownership take the opportunity to assume a wholly new character. Only the village idiot or, the modern equivalent, a bureaucrat in the university administration would think we were screaming about something as suffocating as property rights when last week we announced, “The School is Ours!” When the day erupted, when the escape plan from the drudgery of college life was hatched, it was clear to everyone that the university not only belonged to the students who were forcefully reasserting their claim but also to the faculty, to every professor and TA who wishes they could enliven the mandatory curriculum in their repetitive 101 class, to the service workers who can’t wait for their shift to end, and to every other wage-earner on campus ensuring the daily functioning of the school.

Read it all!

Meanwhile in Greece over 400 high schools and 30 universities are occupied in remembrance of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, who was murdered by police December 6th, 2008 setting off an insurrection lasting weeks. Follow news from Greece on Occupied London.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We Are the Crisis: Occupations spread like wildfire throughout California

The past week saw occupations at at least 5 University of California campuses. The occupations occurred in reaction to the states decision to increase the cost of a UC education 32%. In New York City students and assorted locals held a solidarity action that resulted in two arrests.

High points of last weeks actions:

UCLA saw large confrontations between riot police and students who tried to storm the building where the state regents were meeting to confirm the 32% hike.

Students at UC Berkeley
finally pulled off an occupation of Kerr Hall (aftter having been stopped twice by Student Organizers)

UC Santa Cruz Occupied again, this time taking two buildings and holding them for days. The Chancellors conference room was trashed.

Low points:

Self appointed student leaders repeatedly showed their role as recuperators of struggle, in Berkeley they stopped people from rushing an administration building and an anarchist was arrested after purportedly being pointed out by a student organizer. In UCLA an occupation was opposed by the manipulations of student organizers. Also in UCLA student organizers were seen reinforcing police lines in futile attempts to stop furious students from surrounding the California Regents meeting.

Occupy Everything! Fuck the Recuperators!

Monday, October 19, 2009

When They Kick Out Your Front Door (Portugese)

Quando eles chutam a tua porta da frente, como você vai ficar?

No dia 1º de outubro, às 6 da manhã, o Joint Terrorism Task Force (um sindicato de departamentos policias locais e o FBI), chutou as portas de nossa casa – uma casa coletiva anarquista no Queens, Nova Iorque, afetuosamente conhecida como Tortuga. Os primeiros desastres da batida foram rapidamente seguidos por mais brutalidade, na medida em que a polícia sujeitava três pessoas que estavam dormindo, destruindo as portas do quartos que estavam destrancados.

Outras três pessoas (que acordaram com desagradáveis barulhos de passos, madeiras quebrando, e vozes gritantes) aguardaram no porão – mas as armas apontadas e as luzes ofuscantes chegaram rápido.

Nós colocamos nossas mãos aonde eles pudessem vê-las. Eles mandaram a gente sair da cama. Eles não deixaram a gente se vestir, mas colocaram roupas ao acaso em algumas pessoas. Nós fomos algemados, e embora no início os grupos do andar de cima e do andar debaixo terem sido propositalmente separados, logo estávamos todos juntos, sentados na sala de estar, posicionados como bonecas sobre os sofás e as cadeiras. Ficamos algemados por muitas horas, e estávamos desamparados como nosso pequeno pássaro, um fringilidae que resgatamos e estávamos reabilitando, e que voou pela porta aberta para uma morte certa, após sua gaiola ter sido golpeada pelos policiais no seu zelo em abrir as portas do quartos do andar de cima pela força. Nós gritamos para eles, mas eles continuaram com a brutalidade.

Eles nos mantiveram e nos vigiaram por horas e horas e horas. 16 horas para ser preciso, 16 horas com o NYPD e o FBI perambulando pela nossa casa, confiscando nossas vidas em uma “expedição de pescaria” relacionada aos protestos do G20 de 24 e 25 de setembro, em Pittsburgh. O mandato de busca, que finalmente permitiram que a gente pudesse lê-lo, mencionou a violação de leis de tumulto e foi vaga o suficiente para permitir que a casa inteira fosse vasculhada. Eles continuamente repetiam que nós não estávamos sob prisão, que éramos livres para ir. Mas ser livre significa ser vigiado pelo FBI, monitorado enquanto usa o banheiro, não ter permissão para fazer telefonema por horas ou observá-los saqueando nossos quartos. Ser livre significa levar dois de nós embora sob estúpidas intimidações, e mesmo embora esta fosse a nossa casa, onde vivíamos, se a deixarmos, não poderemos entrar nela novamente.

Três de nós ficou até o final. Três de nós permaneceu para assistir a equipe de substâncias perigosas entrar na casa para investigar um jogo de química de criança, vê-la vasculhar a garagem sob uma autorização adicional, assinalar todas as coisas que confiscavam como “evidência” – curiosos brinquedos de pelúcia do George, trabalhos artísticos, correspondência com o prisioneiro político Daniel McGowan, certificados de nascimento, passaportes, o arquivo de vídeo inteiro de um coletivo de mídia local, registros de taxas, livros, computadores, aparelhos de armazenamento, telefones celulares, DVDs da Buffy a Caça Vampiros, bandeiras, faixas, cartazes, fotografias e mais coisas do que foram relatadas aqui.

O ímpeto aparente desta batida apareceu cerca de uma semana atrás, quando dois membros de nosso lar foram presos, uma vez mais sob a mira de uma arma, nos subúrbios de Pittsburgh. Eles são acusados de serem os cabeças que, “dirigindo” as alegres manifestações contra o G-20, usaram tecnologias tais como o Twitter para “impedir a apreensão” do/as manifestantes. Os dois foram presos sob fiança, um tendo que pagar uma soma absurda de 30.000 dólares, e soltos 36 horas depois, após a fiança ter sido paga. A partir daí, nenhuma acusação adicional foi imposta contra os dois, nem contra qualquer outro morador após a batida.

Como anarquistas, não temos nenhuma ilusão do que o Estado é capaz de fazer. Nós não somos os primeiros anarquistas a ter a casa atacada, e infelizmente enquanto o Estado existir, nós não seremos os últimos. Nós somos, juntamente a outros indivíduos tarjados como David Japenga, as saídas para a raiva impotente que as autoridades sentem quando perdem o controle, assim como eles fizeram durante o G-20 em Pittsburgh. Nós, aquele maravilhoso nós, que inclui o Tortuga House e todos que mantêm afinidades conosco, recusamos as formas rígidas que as autoridades aprisionam um mundo explodindo com possibilidades infinitas – ele não é um líder, ela não agiu sozinha, eles não estão sendo dirigidos. A repressão é uma estratégia que o Estado usa para nos colocar na defensiva, para desviar nossas energias de ser uma força pro-ativa e ao invés disso lidar com as coisas que isto provocou. Nós não iremos mentir e dizer que isso não nos deixou enrolados, mas na medida em que nosso tempo e vertigem passam, tomamos conhecimento que amigos nos cercam. Nossa determinação é fortalecida por esta solidariedade, e nós não iremos ser detidos por esta agressão do Estado.

Desejamos agradecer todos o/as nosso/as amigo/as e companheiro/as que nos apoiaram nestes dias difíceis. Na manhã seguinte (2 de outubro) nosso advogado arquivou uma injunção sobre a batida que foi inesperadamente concedida – ela proíbe as autoridades de pesquisar nossos pertences até a gente voltar ao Tribunal no dia 16. Nas semanas e meses a vir nós faremos o melhor para compartilhar os desenvolvimentos processuais na medida em que eles forem ocorrendo. Se você quer manter contato ou descobrir uma maneira para nos ajudar, por favor, envie um e-mail para:

Tradução > Marcelo Yokoi

agência de notícias anarquistas-ana

Sunday, October 18, 2009

When They Kick Out Your Front Door (en espanol)

When they kick out your front door how you're gonna come?
-The Clash
(Cuando pateen la puerta de tu casa que vas a hacer?)

El 10 de Octubre de 2009, a las 6 de la manana, el Joint Terrorism Task
Force (Fuerza Conjunta Contra el Terrorismo) la union del departamento de
policia y el FBI, patearon la puerta de nuestra casa colectiva en Queens a
la que afectivamente se le conoce como casa Tortuga. Los primeros embates
contra la puerta fueron seguidos por mas en la planta alta de la casa,
mientras la policia irrumpia en las habitaciones de 3 personas que se
encontraban dormidas, rompiendo puertas que estaban sin cerraduras.

Tres personas mas fueron despertadas por el estruendo de las puertas
destruidas, los pasos que se acercaban amenazantes y los gritos de la
policia mientras aguardaban en el sotano por su turno. Les apuntaron con
armas y luces brillantes segaban sus ojos.

Pusimos nuetras manos en donde pudieran verlas, nos ordenaron que
salieramos de la cama, de nuestras habitaciones, no nos dejaban vestirnos,
a algunos nos pusieron un surtido arbitrario de ropas que no eran

Nos esposaron, los grupos de la planta alta y del sotano permanecieron
separados por un rato pero al final nos concentraron a todxs en la sala,
posicionandonos como munecxs en las sillas y sofas de nuestra casa.
Permanecimos esposadxs por algunas horas, sin poder hacer nada, mientras
nuestro pequeno pajaro, un finch que estabamos rehabilitando salia volando
por la puerta de la casa, despues de que su jaula habia sido danada por la
policia cuando destruian una de las puertas de las habitaciones. Les
gritamos pero solo sde quedaron parados y mirando sin hacer nada.

Estuvieron vigilandonos por horas y horas, 16 para ser exactxs, 16 horas
en las que el FBI y la policia del Estado de Nueva York se paseaban por
nuestra casa confiscando nuestras vidas y pescado "evidencia" relevante a
las protestas contra el G20 que sucedieron el 24 y 25 de Septiembre.
Cuando finalmente pudimos leer la orden de allanamiento, se mencionaba en
ella la violacion de leyes federales contra disturbios, la cual era lo
suficientemente vaga para permitir el allanamiento de la casa entera. Los
agentes nos repetian constantemenete que no estabamos bajo arresto y que
teniamos libertad para salir de la casa. Pero esa libertad significaba
estar vigiladxs por el FBI cada vez que usabamos el bano, no podiamos
hacer llamadas telefonicas u observarles mientras saqueaban nuestras
habitaciones. Estar en libertad significaba que se llevaron a dos de
nosotrxs con pretextos de multas caducas. Y aunque esta es nuestra casa,
si saliamos no podiamos volver hasta que el allanamiento hubiera sido

Tres de nosotrxs nos quedamos hasta el amargo final, tres de nosotrxs
vimos como el equipo de materiales peligrosos entraba para investigar un
juego de quimica para ninos y para seguir viendo como allanaban la cochera
con una orden de cateo adicional que obtuvieron el mismo dia, nos quedamos
para firmar boletas que enumeraban nuestras pertenenecias que confiscaron
como "evidencia" —munecos de peluche, arte, correspondencia con presos
politicos, actas de nacimiento, pasaportes, el archivo entero de un
colectivo de videoastas local, declaraciones de impuestros, libros,
computadoras, discos duros externos, telefonos celulares, DVD's,
pancartas, banderas, posters, fotografias y muchas cosas mas.

El impetu aparente para este allanamiento aparecio la semana anterior a
este, cuando dos personas de nuestra casa fueron arrestadas, una vez mas a
punta de pistola, en los suburbios de Pittsburgh. Estan siendo acusados de
ser los autores intelectuales y de "dirigir" a los manifestantes contra el
G20, utilizando tecnologia como Twitter los manifestantes. Ambos
estuvieron bajo arresto y con derecho a fianza, la de uno de ellos asiende
a la ridicula cantidad de $30, 000 dolares en efectivo y fue liberado 36
horas despues de que su fianza fue pagada. Hasta este momento no hay mas
cargos que se les imputen a ambos, ni a ninguna de las personas de la

Como anarquistas que somos no tenemos ninguna ilusion acerca de lo que el
estado es capaz de hacer. No somos lxs primeros anarquistas en tener un
allanamiento de esta naturaleza y desafortunadamente mientras el estado
siga existiendo no seremos lxs ultimxs. Nosotrxs somos, junto con otros
individuos como David Japenga los chivos expiatorios de la rabia que
siente el Estado cuando sienten que pierden el control, como lo que
sintieron durante las protestas del G20. Nosotrxs, ese hermoso nosotrxs
que incluye la casa Tortuga y todxs los que encuentren afinidad con
nosotrxs rechazamos las formas rigidas que las autoridades intentan
imponer a un mundo que esta sediento de posibilidades. El no es un lider,
ella no actuo sola, a ellxs nadie los dirige.

La represion es una tactica que usa el estado para ponernos a la
defensiva, para redireccionar nuestras energias de ser una fuerza
proactiva y en vez de eso actuar dentro de los limites que nos imponen, no
vamos a mentir diciendo que esta experiencia no nos ha dejando confundidos
pero como pasa el tiempo nuetra confusion tambien pasa, sabemos que
estamos rodeados de amigxs.

Nuestras convicciones se hacen mas fuertes con la solidaridad y las
agresiones del estados no pueden detenernos.

Queremos agradecer a todxs nuestrxs amigxs y camaradxs que han estado a
nuestro lado en estos dian dificiles. Nuestros abogados estan trabajando
para recabar la mayor cantidad de informacion acerca del caso. En la
semanas y meses que vienen continuaremos haciendo lo posible por
comunicarnos con ustedes y compartir la mayor cantidad de informacion que
nos sea posible. Si quieres estar en contacto y saber mas informacion de
como puedes ayudar, por favor mandanos un correo:
friends of tortuga pagina web


Tortuga necesita de tu ayuda!

Como resultado al allanamiento de nuestra casa el 1o de Octubre, hemos
recibido muchos mensajes de solidaridad y simpatia de todas partes del
mundo. Mucha gente nos ha preguntado como pueden ayudar.


Necesitamos dinero para sostener los costos legales que surgieron como
resultado de los arrestos del 24 de septiembre asi como los gastos en los
que incurriremos para tratar de recuperar las cosas que fueron confiscadas
en el allanamiento. Nos despojaron de todas nuestras computadoras,
telefonos celulares y equipo electronico, no tenemos idea de cuando ni de
si algun dia nos devolveran nuestras pertenencias, pero estamos tratando
de recabar dinero para remplazar algunas de ellas. Puedes hacer donaciones
en el sitio web de los amigos de tortuga:


Informa a otras personas de lo que ha pasado, enlazate con el sitio web,
habla con tus amigxs, manda tweets acreca de como el gobiernos federal
quiere coartar nuestra libertad de expresion e intimidarnos para
silenciarnos. Organiza un beneficio o un evento educativo en tu barrio o
en tu ciudad.


Unete a la "Twitter Revolution" (Revolucion Twitter):

Libertad para Elliott Madison! Twitter puede ser usado en protestas en los
EUA no solo en Iran!

Haz un avatar rojinegro:

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When they kick out your front door...

Juat as the week of September 24th brought a series of actions the beginning of October showed an international wave of repression against anarchists.

In Mexico Ramses Villareal was arrested by authorities, charged with being involved with a wave of bank bombings in Mexico City. In Greece the well known insurrectionist author Alfredo Bonanno was arrested with another man in connection with a bank robbery. The same day an anarchist collective house in New York City was raided by the Join Terrorism Task Force in an apparent revenge for the wild day of rioting that took place in Pittsburgh during the G20 meetings there.

democracy now! coverage of the events surrounding the raid in NYC:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

March in Solidarity with G20 rioters and student occupiers in California.

On September 25th, in New York City a group of about 60 people congregated in Union Square in an unpermitted march in solidarity with G20 rioters and student occupiers in California.

The crowd marched and chanted with some bystanders joining spontaneously, when the crowd marched near NYU, students cheered and joined the march for a few blocks.

Marcha en Solidaridad con los distrbios del G20 y la ocupación estudiantil en California.

El 25 de septiembre en la Ciudad de Nueva York, un grupo de 60 personas se congregaron en la plaza Union Square para manifestarse con una marcha no permitida, en solidaridad con los distrbios del G20 y la ocupación estudiantil en California.

Los manifestantes marcharon y gritaron consignas en las calles de Nueva York, algunas personas que se encontraban en el área se unieron espontaneamente a la marcha, cuando la manifestación llegó cerca de la Universidad de Nueva York (NYU) los estudiantes se animaron y se unieron a la marcha por algunas cuadras.

Student walk outs and occupations in California

On Thursday, September 24th, actions against the budget cuts, fee hikes, layoffs and furloughs at University of California campuses took place throughout the UC system.

On September 24th, students at UC Santa Cruz began the occupation of the Graduate Student Commons as part of a day of action at all UCs across the state. The building is located in a central location on campus, across from the Bay Tree Bookstore. The occupation is continuing into the weekend.

For the UC Santa Cruz Occupation Statement and more info, click here.

On the same day, the UC Berkeley campus started with picket lines and teach-outs happening around campus, with a mass rally and march and a general assembly in the evening to plan the next steps forward.

The Berkeley protest was one of many held across California in an unprecedented day of action directed at university authorities and state governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Faculty, students and unions from the University of California's 10 campuses including its two most prestigious, UCLA and Berkeley, joined forces in what was the biggest student protest for more than a generation.

For more info about what happened in UC Berkeley, click here.

Ocupaciones y protestas estudiantiles en California.

Acciones contra el recorte presupuestal, el aumento de cuotas y los despidos injustificados en las universidades de California tomaron lugar en distintos campus universitario este jueves 24 de septiembre.

El 24 de septiembre, estudiantes de la Universidad de Santa Cruz comenzaron una ocupación en el Centro de Estudiantes de Posgrado como parte del día de acción en todas las universidades de California. El edificio se encuentra en el centro del campus universitario. La ocupación continua durante el fin de semana.

Para leer un comunicado en inglés de los estudiante de la Universidad de Santa Cruz, haz click aquí.

En el mismo día, en el campus universitario de Berkeley hubieron manifestaciones y clases al aire libre con una marcha masiva y una asamblea general.

La protesta de Berkeley fué una de muchas que se dieron lugar a lo largo y ancho del estado de California en un día de acción sin precedentes dirijida contra las autoridades universitarias y el gobernador del estado, Arnold Schwarzenegger que lo único que ha hecho es profundizar aún más la crisis económica que vive el estado. Estudiantes, profesores y trabajadores unieron fuerzas en lo que se considera como la movilización estudiantil más grande que ha tenido los Estados Unidos en décadas.

Para más info en inglés acerca de lo que pasó en Berkeley, haz click aquí.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

G20 in Pittsburgh, The City was on Fire!!

Heads of State of 20 of the most powerful governments in the world, representing 19 countries and the European Union, met in Pittsburgh, PA on September 24th and 25th.

Our comrades were prepared to demonstrate against the capitalist policies of the G20. The demonstrations started on Thursday afternoon, lasted until 4 am and continued on Friday. Blockades, marches and intense rioting were present all over the city, especially in the downtown area of Oakland.

A protest march starting at 2:30pm made its way towards the downtown area where clashes broke out between riot police and rock throwing demonstrators.

Later another march leaving from friendship park in the Bloomfield neighborhood ended in clashes with police and windows broken at a Boston Market, and a bank. Rioters dressed in all black and wearing bandanas weaved their way through Pittsburgh screaming, “We’re here we're queer, we're anarchists we'll fuck you up!." Pittsburgh residents were cheering and raising their fists as the crowd marched by. Many other people, joined the march.

Some of the protesters used bricks and hammers to bash in windows to McDonald’s, Kinko’s, The Pitt Shop, Rite Aid, American Apparel, Quiznos, iHop, a recruiting station, and a police sub station among others. They also lit dumpsters on fire.
The group eventually joined the people protesting in Schenley Plaza and around the Cathedral of Learning just in time to hear the police declare the event an “unlawful assembly,” over a loud speaker system.

Police threw dozens of canisters of gas and used for the first time in the US, LRAD cannons to disperse the crowds. Despite the attempts of the police to re-establish "order", the chaos that wrapped the city for several hours was uncontrollable. Decentralized actions, black blocks, student marches and crowds of angry neighbors paralyzed Pittsburgh for two days.

El G20 en Pittsburgh, La ciudad ardió!

Jefes de Estado de los 20 gobiernos más poderosos del mundo, representanto a 19 países y la Unión Europea, se reunieron en Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania el 24 y 25 de septiembre.

Nuestrxs camaradas se prepararon para manifestarse contra las políticas capitalistas del grupo de los 20. Las manifestaciones comenzaron la tarde del jueves y duraron hasta las 4 de la mañana y continuaron el viernes duante todo el día. Bloqueos, marchas y disturbios intensos se manifestaron por toda la ciudad, especialmente en el centro del barrio de Oakland.

Una marcha salió a las 2:30 pm y se encaminó hacia el cenro de la ciudad, donde manifestantes que tiraban piedras se enfrentaron con la policía.

Más tarde otra marcha salió del Parque de la Amistad en el distrito de Bloomfield, y terminó en enfrentamientos con la policía y vidrios rotos en el Boston Market (restaurante de comida rápida) y en un banco. Los que se amotinaban vestían completamente de negro y tenían sus rostros cubiertos, zigzagueando por las calles de Pittsburgh y gritando "Estamos aquí, somos queer, somos anarquistas y los vamos a joder!" Residentes de Pittsburgh gritaban y aplaudían en apoyo a lxs manifestantes mientras alzaban sus puños al aire. Hubo personas que se unieron espontaneamente a la marcha.

Algunxs de lxs manifestantes usaron ladrillos y martillos para romper las ventanas de establecimientos de comida rápida y cadenas comerciales como: McDonald’s, Kinko’s, The Pitt Shop, Rite Aid, American Apparel, Quiznos, iHop, una estación de reclutamiento y una estación de policía entre otros. También prendieron fuego a basureros a lo largo del camino.
Éste mismo grupo, se unió más tarde a otro grupo que protestaba en Schenley Plaza y en los alrededores de la Catedral de la Enseñanza, justo a tiempo para escuchar la advertencia de la policía que declaraba el evento como ”asamblea ilegal”.

La policia arrojó decenas de cartuchos de gas y utilizó por primera vez en Estados Unidos un cañón de Acústica de Largo Alcance para tratar de dispersar a la gente. A pesar de los intentos de la policía por reestablecer el "orden", el caos que envolvió a la ciudad por bastantes horas era incontrolable.
Acciones descentralizadas, bloques negros, marchas estudiantiles y grupos de vecinos enojados paralizaron Pittsburgh durante dos días.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sometimes you need to choose a side...

Recently released documents show that the ACLU is planning on doing legal observation for the upcoming G20 protests in pittsburgh. Usually at demonstrations like these legal support is provided by the National Lawyers Guild, or other groups sympathetic to 'radicals' like the Midnight Special, or People's Law Collective. The ACLU however is planning on being 'neutral' and intends to videotape and surveil the activities of protesters who break the law as well as the behavior of the police. They also state that they will testify in court about such illegal activity.

From the documents:
"Again your job is to document, as thoroughly as possible, any incidents, arrests, or misconduct (by police or protesters) that take place. Document everything the police and protesters do as thoroughly as possible." "Stay vigilant at all times. Look for signs of potential trouble such as protesters wearing masks..."
Which side are you on?

In NYC in the late 1990s the ACLU famously took on the case of KKK members who planned to protest in the city. The ACLU took the city to court over the mask law which would make it illegal for the Klan to demonstrate with their pointy white hoods. However when a similar case arose in 2000 involving anarchists who were arrested and attacked by police for wearing masks at a Mayday demonstration the ACLU refused to help. The ACLU has also been largely silent if not latently supportive of federal repression of Animal and Earth Liberationists.

Check out the pdfs of the ACLU documents.
here and here

Monday, September 07, 2009

No More Deaths Will Be Accepted, All Will Be Avenged!

An early start to "Black September" in Chile...
A group of 'encapuchados' attack the precinct of the plainclothes investigative police (PDI) outside of the Unversidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano (UAHC) campus in Santiago. Reports are coming in that at least two people have been arrested in connection with the attack.

(from corporate media):
Chilean police authorities continue to track down the estimated 50 hooded protesters who mobbed a Providencia police building Wednesday afternoon, leaving one detective injured and prompting a major university to close its doors. As of early Thursday morning, police had captured two suspects. The attack on the Homicidal Brigade of the Investigations Police (PDI) - Chile’s plainclothes detective force – was apparently launched in protest of the upcoming Sept. 11, 1973 coup anniversary that ousted President Salvador Allende. During the 10-minute attack, college-aged protestors tossed Molotov bombs, rocks and cans through the building’s windows and at police officers who tried to stop them.

Chilean police authorities continue to track down the estimated 50 hooded protesters who mobbed a Providencia police building Wednesday afternoon, leaving one detective injured and prompting a major university to close its doors. As of early Thursday morning, police had captured two suspects.

The attack on the Homicidal Brigade of the Investigations Police (PDI) - Chile’s plainclothes detective force – was apparently launched in protest of the upcoming Sept. 11, 1973 coup anniversary that ousted President Salvador Allende.

During the 10-minute attack, college-aged protestors tossed Molotov bombs, rocks and cans through the building’s windows and at police officers who tried to stop them.

Violent public outbreaks are commonplace around Sept. 11 in Chile, but protestors struck days earlier than expected this year, angered by recent clashes between police and Chile’s Mapuche population, the nation’s largest indigenous group, in Region IX.

"No more deaths will be accepted, all will be avenged," read a banner that mobbers waved, alluding to the controversial police shooting of 24-year-old Mapuche activist Jaime Mendoza Collío, who died Aug. 12 from a bullet would to the back (ST, Aug. 25 ).

Signs bore the names of Collío and anarchist Mauricio Morales Duarte, who was killed in May when a bomb he carried in his backpack exploded.

From a communique written by participants in the action:

“At the beginning of our demonstration a detective from the Homicide Brigade proceeded to attack one of our comrades, we beat him back. Because of this the rest of the detectives came out to defend him using their arms against ours. With automatic rifles, pistols, revolvers, sub machine guns and shields they tried to disperse us, but our revolutionary conviction and our rage, which make us realize that we are fighting for our people and in memory of those who have fallen in the struggle, was stronger than their weapons.
… The PDI has characterized itself by its oppressive character as we have seen in Wall Mapu, where together with Carabineros and the army they have militarized the zone and developed a counterinsurgency to destroy the Mapuche struggle…

With rocks, Molotov cocktails, and paint bombs we confronted the bullets of the PDI, and forced them to stay locked up inside of their station…”


Un grupo de alrededor de 50 encapuchadxs, a eso de las 13:30hrs, salieron en las inmediaciones de la UAHC a cortar la calle prendiendo barricadas.

Todo estaba como suele suceder, hasta que un agente de la PDI quizo dárselas de héroe intentando detener a un compa, ante lo cual lxs manifestantes respondieron inmediatamente rescatando al compa y el agente fue golpeado. Cuando se rescataba al compa y se golpeaba al agente, otros agentes salieron en defensa de su compañero, quien se encontraba tirado en el piso, disparando contra lxs manifestantes que por suerte no resultaron heridxs, salvo algunxs que fueron alcanzadxs por balines de goma. Es aquí cuando el cuartel de la PDI comenzo a ser atacado lanzando decenas de cócteles molotov, piedras y bombas de pintura. Producto de las bombas incendiarias el cuartel había comenzado a arder, pero fue apagado por los agentes.

El agente de la PDI agredido fue trasladado al hospital de carabineros, donde se constato que tenia lesiones en el cuerpo y que producto de un golpe con una piedra en el rostro le volaron tres dientes (jajajaja…).
También otros agentes fueron alcanzados por piedras y bombas de pintura.

En el lugar la policía encontró lienzos con mensajes alusivos al aniversario 36 del golpe de estado y en solidaridad con el Jaime Mendoza Collío y el compañero Mauricio Morales.
Mas info desde Hommodolars en Chile

Del communicado:
"Iniciada nuestra manifestación, un detective de la Brigada de Homicidios procedió a agredir a un compañero, por lo que lo repelimos a golpes. Frente a esto, el resto de los detectives salió en su defensa utilizando sus armas contra nosotros. Con escopetas de repetición, pistolas, revólveres, subametralladoras y escudos, intentaron dispersarnos, pero nuestra convicción revolucionaria y el coraje que nos da el saber que estamos luchando por nuestro pueblo y en la senda de quienes han caído en la lucha popular, fue más fuerte.

Nuestras armas eran para impedir que las fuerzas represivas acabasen con nuestra manifestación. En verdad, esperábamos que fuesen fuerzas Especiales de Carabineros, sin embargo fue la PDI, parte del aparato represivo del Estado, quien se hizo presente. No dudamos ni un segundo en hacerles frente. La PDI se ha caracterizado por su carácter opresivo, como lo hemos visto en Wall Mapu, en donde junto a carabineros y el Ejército han militarizado la zona y desarrollado una política contrainsurgente para acabar con la lucha mapuche; hemos sabido también como estos opresores abusan de menores de edad en Valparaíso y se caracterizan por ser reiteradamente corruptos; y muchos sabemos también como la PDI es parte esencial de la cadena del narcotráfico (defendiendo a ciertos narcos, atacando y realizando “mexicanas legales” a su competencia), que tiene a los jóvenes de nuestras poblaciones sumidos en la droga. No creemos en las blancas palomas que nos muestran los programas de televisión.

Con piedras, bombas molotovs y bombas de pinturas, enfrentamos las balas de la Policía de Investigaciones y los obligamos a mantenerse encerrados al interior del cuartel. Anticipo de lo que ocurrirá este 11 de septiembre cuando la juventud combatiente y el resto del pueblo que es explotado y marginado cotidianamente por este sistema, salga a las calles a recuperar sus poblaciones y a demostrar su rabia en contra las desigualdades que genera el capitalismo y de quienes las defienden."

black september 2008:

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chile: Carabineros kill again. Avenge Jaime Mendoza Collio!

(pix from our war)

On August 12th the Carabineros (Chilean National Police) shot and killed a 24 year old Mapuche activist, Jaime Mendoza Collío.
¨24 year-old Mapuche community member, José Facundo Mendoza Collío, died this afternoon, after a group of families belonging to the Requén Pillán Community of the Ercilla area, occupied the San Sebastián estate located 12 kilometres west of Collipulli, township of Angol.¨
Repression in Mapuche territories in the central and southern regions of Chile has grown as land occupations by Mapuche spread.
Riots have broken out in Santiago calling for revenge for this Mapuche warrior.
Jaime Mendoza Collío, Mapuche de 24 años fue asesinado por los Carabineros el 12 de Agosto.
Mas info por Hommodolars

Video showing other Mapuche killed by the Carabineros and the response to the shootings in Santiago:

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Get Walking: March in Solidarity with Latin America and Against Fascism

On Saturday night a small march left from Tompkins Square Park in NYC's Lower East Side. The was march called in solidarity with indigenous groups fighting the Peruvian government who had been massacred in the Amazon, resistance to the right wing coup in Honduras and the anti fascist demonstration being held in Greensboro North Carolina the same day. From the call:
"There is a war going on that we are involved with daily, for some it is a low intensity conflict that is often difficult to see clearly, for others it is crystal clear. Capitalism is involved in a constant offensive against all of us who dare stand in its way or who try, in vain, to carve out a space autonomous from the dominant order.

Throughout the Americas, and the world, we see this conflict played out. In 2 months alone dozens of indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon have been massacred because they stood in the way of Capital's advances. In Chile our comrades face imprisonment and massive repression as they continue to fight back against the democratic myth that keeps the dictatorial reality running smoothly. We remember, with rage in our hearts, Jaime Mendoza Collio, a 24 year old Mapuche militant, killed by police in a land occupation in Chile 10 days ago. In Central America the wealthy oligarchs have begun their counter offensive against the small gains that the left have made after years of military dictatorship and outright fascism.

Here in the US we see capitalism facing its most serious crisis in our lifetimes. We also see the radical right, fascist groups, and racialists of all stripes attempting to use this moment to their advantage. On Saturday the 29th the National Socialist Movement (American Nazi Party) is holding a gathering in Greensboro, NC where 30 years ago 5 anti-fascists were gunned down by fascists at an anti-KKK rally. Antifa from all over the US will be mobilizing to stop them. We stand in active solidarity with all of our comrades in Latin America, and the world, who are fighting against the state and capital.

We must grasp the totality of the current situation, see that we are living in a period of global civil war and begin to choose sides.
Solidarity Means Attack!

"The only choice our miserable lives allow is either the total destruction of a world dominated by government or to continue to drown in generalized barbarity."

A pamphlet entitled "Get Walking" was distributed to passerby and march attendees providing an important critique of latin american events...

Download a pdf here

Monday, August 03, 2009

On Surveillance, Infiltration and our 'Movement'

Recently radicals in Tacoma and Olympia Washington outed John J. Towery II aka "John Jacobs" (pictured above) as a spy whp reported activities of anarchists and anti war groups to an intelligence network that included county sheriffs, municipal police agencies from Tacoma, Olympia, Seattle and elsewhere, WA State Police, the US Army, FBI, Homeland Security, Joint Terrorism Task Force, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency among other agencies. Towery worked in what is called a 'Fusion Cell' a combination of local law enforcement, FBI, military and private sector agencies

Read Abrahadabra: A collapsed building in 4 parts, a meditative piece about the infiltration in the Northwest and its larger meanings.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Greece: Anarchists march in solidarity with immigrants

Recently the Greek state has intensified it's attacks on poor immigrants. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians from Greece called for a march in Athens on 7 July 2009 at 7pm, against what they call a "modern apartheid" (refering to the recent attempts by fascists in the Saint Pandeleimonas district, where many immigrants live, to disallow them from entering into communal spaces such as play grounds or parks, but also to the cop operations in central Athens "clearing" the city of unwanted immigrants en masse with no regard for their human rights). There are also alarming government plans for all unwanted immigrants to be arrested and held at concentration camps for years.

The march had about 2500 comrades, and this made the cops to keep themselves at safe distance. During the march various texts were distributed, anarchist graffiti was drawn, security cameras were destroyed, as well as bank ATMs. The march proceeded towards Saint Pandeleimonas and when the head of the march was about to enter the district the cops immediately fired tear gas and shock grenades, with the comrades replying with stones and flare bombs.

Many immigrants were participating in the march and they attacked Delta guards (Deltades) in Victoria Square (Deltades are thugs the state uses as light-cops until real cops arrive). After the march, the Saint Pandeleimonas district was full of immigrants and clear of fascists or cops. The fascists supported the cops in their attempt to drive the march out of Saint Pandeleimonas.
A fascist accidentaly set himself on fire.

A march also took place in Thessaloniki in northern Greece.

Read more here.

Grecia: Anarquistas marchan en solidaridad con inmigrantes

Recientemente el estado Griego ha intensificado sus ataques contra inmigrantes pobres. Anarquistas y antiautoritarios griegos llamaron a una marcha en Atenas el 7 de Julio de 2009, contra lo que llamaron ¨un moderno apartheid¨(refiriendose a los recientes ataques perpetrados por grupos fascistas en el distrito de Saint Pandeleimonas lugar dónde residen numerosos inmigrantes, impidiendo el libre acceso de los inmigrantes a los espacios comunes como plazas, juegos de niños y parques. Y tambén las operaciones policiales en el centro de Atenas para ¨limpiar¨la ciudad de inmigrantes indeseables).
El gobierno también tiene planes de arrestar inmigrantes indesables y retenerlos en campos de concentración por años.

La marcha contó con más de 2,500 compañerxs, lo que hizo que la policía mantuviera su distancia de la manifestación. Durante la marcha varios textos fueron distribuidos, se pintó graffiti anaquista, de destruyeron cámaras de seguridad así como cajeros automáticos bancarios. Cuando la marcha se dirigió a Saint Pandeleimonas y se encontraba a punto de entrar al barrio, la policía arremetió inmediatamente con gas lacrimógeno y granadas de choque, a lo que lxs compañerxs contestaron con piedras y bombas molotov.

Muchos inmigrantes que participaron en la marcha atacaron a los Guardias Delta (Deltades) en la plaza Victoria ( los Deltades son un civiles que actúan como policías mientras que los policías reales llegan a la escena). Después de la marcha el Distrito de aint Pandeleimonas se encontraba lleno de inmigrantes y sin rastros de fascitas ni de policás. Los fascistas apoyaron a la policía en todo momento. Un fascista se prendió fuego accidentalmente.

También hubo otra marcha en solidadridad en la ciudad de Thessaloniki en el norte de Grecia.

Más información aqui

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Repression and Action: the G8 in Italy/ Represión y Acción en Italia

The G8 is set to meet in L'Aquila (which was recently hit by a massive earthquake) , Italy not far from Rome. This is the first G8 meeting in Italy since 2001 where there was massive rioting, Carlo Guliani was shot and killed by Caribineri and brutal police attacks. 8 years later and italy seems to be moving further fascist. Vigilante groups have been legalized to operate in Italian cities and fascists have been quick to take advantage of this to parade around in Mussolini era garb:

Rome also is home to Casa Pound a Fascist 'social center' in the middle of Rome's Chinatown.

It seems like the turnout for the protests this year under the current climate have been small, though there have been a few actions including a blockade at Rome's central train station where a group of 150 or so masked individuals shut down train traffic.

Solidarity actions have also been held in Berlin. There has been a lot of repression leading up to the G8 with raids against students, 'anarcho autonomous' groups and others accused of 'armed band' taking place across the country.

Updates from the indymedia ticker

Indy Media Ticker en español

Como repuesta contra la repression del estado Italiano estudiantes en Roma ocuparon sus escuelas. Mas por "la Haine"

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer Fun in Europe

Anarchists from Hamburg’s autonomous scene battled police for six hours late Saturday and early Sunday in the trendy Schanzenviertel neighbourhood after a street fair. At least 67 rioters were arrested and 27 police officers injured.


In Berlin a G8 Solidarity demo was held


And in Venice a protest against a US military base flared up as demonstrators clashed with police, in the lead up to the G8 mobilizations in Italy.


And a report from Athens, Greece on a hot summer...