Saturday, December 19, 2009

Solidarity with Swedish anarchist Jonatan

From Break the Chains:

ELP encourages everyone to support Jonatan. He reads and writes English and as the
below e-mail shows, he welcomes all letters of support.

Letters of support should be sent to:

Jonatan Strandberg
BOX 248
593 23 Vastervik


Dear comrades,
please spread this call for swedidish ELF/anarchist prisoner Jonatan
and publish it on lists, blogs and websites. Jonatan is in a closed
prison far away from his comrades, friends and supporters now. He
really needs support. His mood is changing a lot and he feels kind of
depressed. We also would like you all to maybe think of sending him
something theese days. He won't get a lot visitations tin this time.
Jonatan will propably join the collective hungerstrike of prisoners in
struggle starting the 20th december.

If you send him books, make shure that there is nothing written by

hand in it. Also if you send him CDs they have to be original
otherwise he won't get them.
Jonatan is interested in (green)anarchism, anti-civ theory,indigenous
struggles...the wild. He like music of all kind (from HC to HipHop,
Drum and Bass,Folk...). He'll be also really happy about posters and
flyer from the resistance on the outside...
Nothing forgiven-no one forgotten!
For anarchy,social war and total liberation!
with love and rage

ABC-Orkan (anarchist black cross group from northern germany)

Read a Communique from supporters here


engine summer said...

can you recommend any good texts or sources, in either english or spanish, on the 1999 UNAM strike, the 2006 events in oaxaca and/or other struggles in mexico/latinamerica? particularly those involving the education sector or otherwise of interest to insurrectionary anarchist / anti-state communist elements in the cali student movement.
thanks so much.

love and resistance collective/ colectivo amor y resistencia said...

Will look into it...
There is the article from 'a murder of crows' about appo:

I have been looking for info about the UNAM strike, there are a few books but i have not come across anything of much interest from an insurrectionary/ anarchist communist p.o.v. I will look and post information up here when i come across it.