Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Repression Against Anarchists in Chile!!!!

In the early hours of September 27th, Chilean Police (the Carabinieros) Special Operations (GOPE) and Criminal Laboratory (Labocar) Investigation teams raided a squat in the central of Santiago.
According to Corporate media reports the Carabinieros arrested six individuals, 5 Chileans and one Spaniard. The Carabinieros are claiming that the arrested squatters are part of an anarchist network who are responsible for rioting and molotov attacks during the past few months of the student uprising and protests commemorating the anniversary of Pinochet’s US backed military coup September 11th, 1973.
According to media reports, Carabienieros found "subversive material" as well as "materials to fabricate molotovs".

We are very close to determining a possible illicit association to commit offenses in conjunction with people who have symbols that ïndicate an anarchic system and who attempt to cause damages to people as well as property"said Sonia Rojas, head of the investigation into the supposed anarchist network.
It is important to keep aware of developments and to support these prisoners as well as anarchists in Chile who will undoubtedly be facing repression in the weeks to come. Bachelet’s declining popularity, continuing labor, student, and indigenous resistance, combined with a recent molotov attack on La Moneda (Chile’s White House) has undoubtedly contributed to this repression.

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