Saturday, December 19, 2009

Solidarity with Swedish anarchist Jonatan

From Break the Chains:

ELP encourages everyone to support Jonatan. He reads and writes English and as the
below e-mail shows, he welcomes all letters of support.

Letters of support should be sent to:

Jonatan Strandberg
BOX 248
593 23 Vastervik


Dear comrades,
please spread this call for swedidish ELF/anarchist prisoner Jonatan
and publish it on lists, blogs and websites. Jonatan is in a closed
prison far away from his comrades, friends and supporters now. He
really needs support. His mood is changing a lot and he feels kind of
depressed. We also would like you all to maybe think of sending him
something theese days. He won't get a lot visitations tin this time.
Jonatan will propably join the collective hungerstrike of prisoners in
struggle starting the 20th december.

If you send him books, make shure that there is nothing written by

hand in it. Also if you send him CDs they have to be original
otherwise he won't get them.
Jonatan is interested in (green)anarchism, anti-civ theory,indigenous
struggles...the wild. He like music of all kind (from HC to HipHop,
Drum and Bass,Folk...). He'll be also really happy about posters and
flyer from the resistance on the outside...
Nothing forgiven-no one forgotten!
For anarchy,social war and total liberation!
with love and rage

ABC-Orkan (anarchist black cross group from northern germany)

Read a Communique from supporters here

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is what Green Capitalism looks like

From Copenhagen, where the 'non violent' march on the Bella Center (site of the Climate Conference) was, not surprisingly, attacked violently by the police. This the green future we have to look forward to, thank god for Democracy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'riots outside, chaos inside': 1500 arrested in Copenhagen during Climate Summit

Protests against the COP 15 climate summit in Copenhagen have been met with major police repression. Danish police militarized much of the city arresting 1,500 people over the weeks demonstrations. Last night saw clashes outside the autonomous Christiana district, with rioters throwing firebombs at police.

analysis of the events:
"what if they threw a black bloc and the police arrested everyone"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"there will be no 'return to normal', this is civil war..."

In response to the 2nd eviction of Wheeler Hall on the UC Berkeley campus an angry mob of torch-wielding students and non students made its way to School Chancellor Birgeneau's palatial mansion after a concert held in support of those arrested:

"As the protesters marched from the concert, they made makeshift barricades and obstacles (mostly from trash cans) for vehicles attempting to drive through the crowd. The march quickly turned into a small riot, taking the streets and blocking traffic. At one point a car irritated with the marchers, sped through the crowd carelessly, hitting an individual (although, no one suffered any apparent harm). As the crowd approached the entrance to campus, some lit torches. They approached the Chancellor’s residence on campus and began smashing lights, damaging windows, and breaking pots."

8 people were arrested in the aftermath of this action, all are being charged with serious crimes including attempted arson.

California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger stated "California will not tolerate any type of terrorism against any leaders including educators...The attack on Chancellor Birgeneau's home is a criminal act and those who participated will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law,"

A communique entitled "Torchlit Evening with Birgeneau" was released shortly after the action.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Breaking News! Raids in Santiago, Chile Target Anarchists

At 6am today, Friday the 11th of December, an intense police operation began headed by the 'Bombing Investigation' Division with squatted social centers and private homes raided throughout the metropolitan region... Until now six spaces have been raided: 3 squatted buildings and 3 private residences, in the areas of Central Santiago, Macul, Renca, El Bosque and Recoleta. Corporate media reports that there are 12 people who are being detained, 8 of whom have been interrogated.

The raids were carried out by armed contingents of the PDI (Investigative Police Bureau) and the Carabineros (The National Police force). At the Sacco and Vanzetti Squatted Social Center and Library, located in central Santiago, 4 comrades have been detained and are being held incommunicado by the BIPE (special department of the investigative police). It appears that the Social Center was defended due to reports of the remains of many broken bottles scattering the streets in front of the building. Well known squats La Crota and La Idea and El Hogar were also raided by strong contingents of armed police. It is reported that the police took computer equipment, bikes, propaganda, and cell phones from all of the squats.

From Liberacion Total
"We issue a call out for international solidarity! Stay alert, informed, and ready to fight! To our comrades from the social centers and squats: you are not alone, we understand and assume the consequences of declaring ourselves and acting as daily enemies of authority.
The comrades who have had their houses raided and who are detained have faced this difficult moment with their heads held high, standing up as enemies of authority, as a consequence our solidarity ought to be brandished like the threatening weapon it is!

We will smash, liberate, paint, stone, burn, detonate, and communicate... Our offensive and our vengeance will spread like the black plague and echo in their ears, because if you touch one of us, you touch us all!"

URGENTE! Allanamientos y detenciones en Santiago, $hile
A partir de las 6:00 de la mañana paralelamente carabineros y policía de investigaciones realizaron allanamientos a 4 Okupaciones y 2 viviendas particulares en Santiago. Los allanamientos se enmarcan dentro de la investigación del “Caso Bombazos”. Los allanmientos que comenzaron a las 6:00 de la mañana terminaron a eso del medio dia.

El Centro Social Okupado y Biblioteca Sacco y Vanzetti, ubicada en el centro de la capital, fue allanado por el equipo militarizado de la Policía de Investigaciones (armados con ametralladoras, escopetas y armas cortas), ante lo que lxs compañerxs de el CSO Sacco y Vanzetti dieron la pelea y se enfrentaron a los verdugos, lxs cuatro compañerxs fueron finalmente detenidxs y trasladadxs a la BIPE (Brigada de Investigaciones Policiales Especiales) por agredir a funcionarios. Desde esta casa fue incautado desde material de lectura, propaganda, bicicletas, telefonos moviles, pendrives, discos duros, etc…

Al mismo tiempo también fue allanada La Okupa La Idea, en el centro de la capital, siendo esta la 3º vez, a manos de carabineros con el GOPE (Grupo de Operaciones Policiales Especiales), Fuerzas Especiales y Labocar (Departamento de Criminalística), fuertemente armados. De La Idea se llevaron variedad de material como pendrives, discos duros, bicicletas, propaganda, etc… No se sabe de ningun detenidx en esta casa…

También en el centro de Santiago fue allanada La Okupa La Crota que también consta de una biblioteca llamada Centro de Documentación Anarkista Itinerante. Al lugar ingresaron funcionarios de carabineros (GOPE, Labocar, Fuerzas Especiales y agentes de civil) fuertemente armados con ametralladoras y armas cortas, lxs compañerxs que se encontraban defendieron el espacio y a ellxs mismxs, resultando 5 compañerxs detenidxs por maltrato a carabineros y trasladadxs a la 33 comisaria de Ñuñoa. Del lugar carabineros se llevo una gran cantidad de bicicletas, CD`s, pendrives, documentos de investigación, propaganda, discos duros, telefonos moviles, ect…

El cuarto allanamiento fue en La Okupa El Hogar, ubicada en la comuna del Bosque, el cual fue realizado por efectivos del carabineros (GOPE, Labocar, Fuerzas Especiales y agentes de civil) y de donde se llevaron diverso material, al igual como en las otras casas.
Lee Todo

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Repression in Greece met with a New Wave of Occupations/ SF State Occupied in California!

The streets will win, or the terror will win...
In Greece the protests held for the anniversary of the murder of Alexis have been met by heavy repression and brutality. The police have made incursions into the supposedly protected spaces of the public universities three times and are holding hundreds on fabricated charges. Bail for arrested comrades is thousands of euros.

Despite the repression action continues and a new wave of occupations has begun at universities and of radio stations throughout Greece.

Informacion sobre Grecia
con video y fotos por Liberacion Total

(student occupiers barricade themselves inside SFSU)

In San Francisco breaking news is that students at San Francisco State University have just occupied the business building. About 30-40 students are inside the building, with another 50 outside. The occupations continue!

SFSU Occupiers Blog

Sunday, December 06, 2009


A year ago 15 year old Alexis Grigoroupolus was murdered by police in Athens setting off weeks of rioting that spread throughout Greece. This year mass marches and rioting have broken out in Athens and Thessaloniki the newly elected Socialist government is taking a heavy handed approach to demonstrations staging preemptive raids , charging people under anti terror legislation and turning city centers into a police state. Breaking news from Athens.

Riot Police have run people over with motorbikes (critically injuring one) and can be seen here attacking goups in Athens:

The Bricks We Throw at Police Today Will Build the Liberation Schools of Tomorrow

“If you’re scared today you’ll be scared tomorrow as well and always and so you’ve got to make a start now right away we must show that in this school we aren’t slaves we have to do it so we can do what they’re doing in all other schools to show that we’re the ones to decide because the school is ours.”

The Unseen, Nanni Balestrini

Days later, voices in unison still ring in our ears. “Who’s university?” At night in bed, we mumble the reply to ourselves in our dreams. “Our university!” And in the midst of building occupations and the festive and fierce skirmishes with the police, concepts like belonging and ownership take the opportunity to assume a wholly new character. Only the village idiot or, the modern equivalent, a bureaucrat in the university administration would think we were screaming about something as suffocating as property rights when last week we announced, “The School is Ours!” When the day erupted, when the escape plan from the drudgery of college life was hatched, it was clear to everyone that the university not only belonged to the students who were forcefully reasserting their claim but also to the faculty, to every professor and TA who wishes they could enliven the mandatory curriculum in their repetitive 101 class, to the service workers who can’t wait for their shift to end, and to every other wage-earner on campus ensuring the daily functioning of the school.

Read it all!

Meanwhile in Greece over 400 high schools and 30 universities are occupied in remembrance of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, who was murdered by police December 6th, 2008 setting off an insurrection lasting weeks. Follow news from Greece on Occupied London.