Sunday, March 22, 2009

Disturbios Estudiantiles en Barcelona/ Student Riots in Barcelona

18 de Marzo, Barcelona
Una huelga del sector educativa (Maestros y estudiantes) termina con enfrentamientos con la policia.


A strike of the education sector including students and faculty in Barcelona ended in clashes and repression in Barcelona. Protesters gathered to protest the eviction of a university occupation and were met by police charges.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Tumultuous Spring? Riots in France, Student protests throughout Europe

As the economic crisis continues and its effects are more acutely felt, conflict has begun to spread. In France a huge strike pulled millions of people into the streets, workers barricaded highways with burning tires as youth clashed in the streets with police.

Students have also begun to play a large role in the current conflicts. In Italy a movement known as "the Wave" is mobilzing students and meeting repression from the government and neo-fascist groups.

The beginning of April will bring the meeting of the G20 in London with anticapitalists planning on shutting down the city.

A call entitled "You Should Feel What I Feel..." has been released from a group from NYC daring others to step up their game and to engage in a 'competitive occupation tournament' whose goal seems to be creating occupations, turning the crisis into conflict against the status quo, and the end of capitalist social relations.

What are you doing this spring?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Social War is Inevitable- La Guerra Social es Inevitable

Recently there has been a spate of arson, and sabotage in Mexico City and the surrounding areas. Many of these actions have been claimed by animal and earth liberation cells. Others speak of hoping that their attacks will serve to generalize the struggle towards a ¨social war¨.

The following video and communique was recently released showing, according to its authors ¨how much can be done in a few seconds of our lives to break with the reality of oppression and exploitation, for a few short seconds, to feel the adrenaline of abolition, for a few moments carrying out the fight against the state and capital.

anonymous communique (translation):

"Capitalism is the principal cause of the destruction of plant and animal life on this planet, the oppressor and murderer of wild life, exploiter of people, animals and the environment for the benefit of the powerful and the corporations; in Mexico war is declared.

So many hectares of forests and jungles are cleared for the sole purpose of building centers for shopping and tourism, over the dead bodies of the trees and animals they build shopping malls, banks, golf courses, hunting lodges, hotels, all reserved for a small group of filthy capitalists so that they can enrich the base of exploitation.

They deceive the people, saying that this 'progress' will bring more employment; some give in, others resist but in the end are murderers in the place where they were born, where they grew up, where they live.

It can not continue like this!

The powerful have to feel our fury at their properties, in their corporations, in their cars, and even in their own houses; we need to torment them, to remind them of the shit that they do day by day to this beautiful planet where we live, to remind them that while they are sleeping peacefully there are many people who are suffering and surviving the hardships of this system.

For these reasons and more we claim the following sabotages:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009:
- A harmless acid bomb was detonated in a well-to-do area in Mexico City.
- 8 windows at a K.F.C. were smashed.
- The windows and a security camera of a bank were smashed.

The video is called: '19 seconds of social war' and in it we try to show how much can be done in a few seconds of our lives to break with the reality of oppression and exploitation, for a few short seconds, to feel the adrenaline of abolition, for a few moments carrying out the fight against the state and capital.

Social war is not a joke or a fad, but a reality in constant development and growth.

Social war is inevitable.

Eco-anarchist cell for direct attack.
México d.f."

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friend and comrade Tristan Anderson Critically Injured in Demonstration Against Israeli Wall

On March 13th, 2009, Tristan Anderson, from Oakland, California was critically wounded in the village of Ni'lin after Israeli forces shot him in the head with a high-powered tear-gas canister. Tristan is a dedicated anarchist, friend, activist and reporter who has long been committed to social and environmental justice in the U.S. and abroad in places such as México, Iraq, and Palestine.

As a result of his injuries, Tristan Anderson, has been taken to Israeli hospital Tel Hashomer, near Tel Aviv. Anderson was unconscious and had been bleeding heavily from the nose and mouth. He sustained a serious injury to his forehead where he was struck by the canister. He was operated on the same day.

Tristan was in very critical condition but is recovering slowly, he has moved his fingers in response to a request from a doctor. If you want to read an update written by his family click here.


Amigo y camarada Tristan Anderson herido de gravedad en una ptotesta contr el muro de Israel.

El 13 de Marzo de 2009, Tristan Anderson, de Oakland, California fué herido de gravedad en la población de Ni'lin después de que fuerzas Israelíes le dispararan en la cabeza con un rifle de gas lacrimógeno de alta potencia. Tristan en un anarquista dedicado, amigo, activista y reportero quién siempre ha estado comprometido con la justicia social y del medio ambiente tanto en los Estados Unidos como en el extranjero en lugares México, Iraq, and Palestine.

Tristan Anderson, fué trasladado al hospital Tel Hashomer, cerca de Tel Aviv. Anderson permaneció inconsciente y estuvo sangrando profusamente por la naríz y por la boca, con una herída muy grave en la frente a causa del impacto de la canastilla de gas lacrimógeno. Fué operado el mismo día.

Tristan estuvo en condición crítica pero se ha estado recuperando muy lentamente, empezó a mover sus dedos en respuesta a una petición de su doctor. Si quieres leer un reporte acerca de su estado de salud escrito por su familia, haz click aquí.

March 15th-Anti Police Riots in Montreal

Montreal's 13th annual anti-police brutality march ended in rioting, with over 200 protesters arrested in the clashes.

Police had expressed fears of violence at this annual event, partly because this was the first anti police brutality march since the cops gunned down 18 year old Fredy Villanueva in August 2008. That shooting sparked massive rioting as well.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Greece: Anti fascists burn down headquarters of fascist Golden Dawn group


Protest marches in response to the fascist-parastate handgrenade attack against the Immigrants’ Social Centre in Athens erupt in riots seeing neonazi national offices burned.

Riots broke out twice during the last week, both times in during protest marches against the fascist-parastate attack against the Immigrants’ Social Center in Exarcheia with a hand-grenade on the 24th of February.

During the first march two days after the attack, anarchist protesters detached themselves from the main body of the demo to attack the HQs of Apogevmatini, an ultra-conservative daily making consistent attacks on social and labour movements, whose editor in chief, Momferatos, had been executed by N17 guerrillas in the mid 80s, for his cooperation with the CIA during and after the colonels’ junta.

The much larger protest march that took to the streets of Athens on Thursday 4/3 erupted in extended street battles between protesters and provocative riot police forces attacked the demo. During the clashes that spread throughout the city centre several banks and expensive shops were destroyed, while protesters broke into the offices of Golden Dawn [Xrysi Avgi] the neonazi parastate organisation responsible for numerous assassination attempts against immigrants, anarchists and the left, as well as a campaign of terror against radical infrastructures. The offices were torched to the ground.

During the corresponding antifascist protest march of the same day in Salonica, street battles erupted between protesters and the riot police along the city’s central boulevard. ( Read More )

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New School in Exile

A New School in exile press conference:

New School in Exile has threatened to shut dow the New School on April 1st if School President Kerrey doesn't resign.
An anti capitalist take on the New School conflict from students.

We may be in for a wild spring...