Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Tumultuous Spring? Riots in France, Student protests throughout Europe

As the economic crisis continues and its effects are more acutely felt, conflict has begun to spread. In France a huge strike pulled millions of people into the streets, workers barricaded highways with burning tires as youth clashed in the streets with police.

Students have also begun to play a large role in the current conflicts. In Italy a movement known as "the Wave" is mobilzing students and meeting repression from the government and neo-fascist groups.

The beginning of April will bring the meeting of the G20 in London with anticapitalists planning on shutting down the city.

A call entitled "You Should Feel What I Feel..." has been released from a group from NYC daring others to step up their game and to engage in a 'competitive occupation tournament' whose goal seems to be creating occupations, turning the crisis into conflict against the status quo, and the end of capitalist social relations.

What are you doing this spring?

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