Monday, August 27, 2007

Anarchists in the US getting ready for the Republican Convention.

"A year in advance of the planned Republican dog-and-pony show, the radically minded RNC resistance group is announcing a 2007 Labor Day weekend gathering in the Twin Cities. Wittily dubbed “the pReNC,” the event is to feature educational workshops and a prospective strategizing session.

Contrary to rumors, local anarchists, who do actually exist, are planning the event. Unlike local authorities and law enforcement, Twin Cities anarchists are organizing from the grassroots and will not be relying on national bodies to oversee their plans."

Anarchists in Minneapolis/St. Paul are already planning a radical response to the Republican National Convention, that well be held there a year from now. The "RNC Welcoming Comittee" is holding a Pre-RNC meeting for Radicals across the US to meet and make plans for the convention.

watch an awesome, newly released video from minneapolis.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Entrevista con el Colectivo Sacco y Vanzetti de Mexico/Interview with the Sacco and Vanzetti Collective, Mexico

“Las cárceles son un reflejo viviente del capitalismo, y junto al capitalismo deben desaparecer.”
Entrevista con el Colectivo Sacco y Vanzetti de México
por Rodolfo Montes de Oca (CNA Venezuela)

México es uno de los lugares del globo donde nuestros compañeros han sido reprimidos de la manera más brutal y despiadada conocida, desde la tortura hasta la expulsión. Esta discriminación y agresión desmedida ha generado una reacción adversa dentro de los círculos libertarios, provocando un creciente interés en las luchas anticarcelarias. El Colectivo Sacco y Vanzetti es un ejemplo de ello. Desde las insurgentes tierras de Flores Magon, nos llega esta entrevista…

"Prisons are a living reflection of capitalism, and together with capitalism must disappear"
-Interview (in Spanish) with the newly formed Sacco and Vanzetti Collective from Mexico. By Rodolfo Monted de Oca (Anarchist Black Cross Venezuela)

"Mexico is one of the places in the world where our comrades have been repressed in the most brutal manner, from torture to expulsion from the country. This discrimination and aggresion has created an adverse reaction inside of anarchist circles, provoking a growing interest in anti prison struggles. The Sacco and Vanzetti collective is an example of this. From the insurgent land of Flores Magon we bring you this interview (in spanish)"

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

PRI wins in Oaxacan elections 80% abstain from voting

PRI wins in Oaxacan elections as almost 80% abstain from voting, 3 people taken off the streets on election night still not found, among them 2 Catalans and 1 Mexican

Last night, August 5th, as the votes that confirmed the PRI sweep of the state legistlative election were counted

Last night, while the votes were being counted that confirmed a PRI sweep of the state legistlative elections, three people were taken off the streets of the Zocalo in Oaxaca City by police at approximately 10 pm. Among them were two Catalans and one Mexican woman. Their status is still unknown over twelve hours later, and they have not been found in any jail. There is no other confirmed information surrounding their arrests.

The elections, in which almost 80% of the Oaxacan population abstained from voting, came as a dissapointment for the APPO's "punishment vote" campaign against the PRI.

Police presence was extremely heavy in the streets of Oaxaca City last night and today.
By midnight last night one could see over 30 trucks of armed state and judicial police drive through the streets surrounding the Zocalo, and men in plain clothes came through the Zocalo with machetes and cut down the political banners remaining from the section 22 teachers sit-in that ended yesterday. Even later at night state workers came to paint over political graffiti and stencils covering the walls of the buildings in the Zocalo.

With 80% of the state abstaining from voting the legitimacy of the state democracy is questionable, and the low-turn out shows the collective disillution in Oaxaca with the electoral process that has left the heavily contested PRI party, to which Ulises Ruiz belongs, in power for over 70 years.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Oaxaca is not over!

Oaxaca is bracing itself for the upcoming state legislative elections on Sunday August 5, which are surrounded by tension. The recent heavy activity of a questionable guerrilla group has only added to the mood. All the while, the APPO continues to change its profile, and the Oaxaca uprising a year later is continues to development into a political force.
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