Thursday, October 23, 2008

Indigenous Groups in Mass March to Cali, Colombia

Radical Indigenous groups from the southern Colombian region of Cauca have been protesting since October 12th of this year against the Uribe Government's continued attacks upon them and against neo liberal economic programs that have put their homes in jeopardy as multi nationals move in to exploit the region. Thousands of marchers are making their way to the large Colombian city of Cali blocking the Pan American Highway as they go. Other indigenous and campesinos have been spontaneously joining the march and clashing with poice.

Two demonstrators have been shot and killed by the ESMAD (riot police), President Uribe originally denied these reports until videos of ESMAD firing M-16s at protesters surfaced and he was forced to admit he lied. Protesters have also captured infiltrators and given them 'indigenous justice'

Mas video sobre los enfrentamientos en Colombia en español.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Antifa Network in Santiago, Chile/ Nueva Coordinadora Antifa en Santiago, Chile

After years of a growing neo-nazi menace in Chile antifascists have begun an antifa network based, a set of principles, to counter the fascist threat.
No Pasaran!

Despues de años de una creciente amenaza neo fascista en Chile, lxs antifascistas han empezado una nueva coordinadora antifa con una serie de puntos, para enfrentar la amenaza facha.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/10 March For Political Prisoners!

On October 10th, the Jericho Movement and the NYC Anarchist Black Cross Federation among others organized a rally at the United Nations which was followed by an illegal march through the streets of midtown Manhattan. This event brought together Black Nationalists, Puerto Rico Independistas, Anarchists, Animal Liberationists, and others with the common goal of bringing attention to the plight of political prisoners held in the U.S.
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El 10 de Octubre el Jericho Movement y La Cruz Negra Anarquista de Nueva York junto con otras organizaciones, hicieron un mítin frente al edificio de las Naciones Unidas. Después del mítin hubo una marcha sin permiso en las calles del centro de Manhattan. Este evento conjuntó a Nacionalistas Negros, Independistas Puertorriqueños, Anarquistas, Grupos de liberación Animal, y otrxs con el fin sacar a la luz la situación actual de lxs presxs políticxs en Estados Unidos.
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Entrevistas y Mas info en Español

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sali RIP

"you can't call someone who fought for life dead"

It is with sadness we (belatedly) report the death of Marcella Sali Grace, international solidarity activist, and radical woman murdered in Oaxaca. More info in english and spanish...