Friday, May 14, 2010

The Riot or the Attack?

Solidarity and questions for US Anarchists after May Day

AG Schwarz

Since the disruptions in Pittsburgh during the G20, the Portland riots, and the coast to coast May Day smashings of 2010, anarchists in the US have proven they are a force. My beloved Glenn Beck even has to protect his wayward libertarians from us by insisting that we are communists, and that, laugh of laughs, we're working for the trade unions. The rightwing in the United States plays the curious role of recuperating a very popular anti-state sentiment, and as relatively weak as American anarchists are, they are starting to threaten this monopoly. That's the thing about non-vanguardist anarchists: when we speak and act honestly, we tend to have an influence far beyond our numbers.

Because we now have proven to ourselves that we can start shit almost whenever and wherever we want, anarchists in the US no longer need to be so desperate for a riot that they are willing to throw everything away just to get their game on. Less combative anarchists have intuited a weakness in this new direction, a potential for isolation and repression, but unfortunately for everyone they couched it in the tired old terms of a fetishization of violence. Articles like “Are we addicted to rioting” were correct in sensing a danger, but because their authors were not conscious of their own position nor empowered by the confidence that comes with rioting, they sounded the call to retreat.

A much better critique, written after the Strasbourg riots by honest to goodness Black Blockers, is “And After Having Burnt Everything?” The InvCom as well were on to something when they wrote, “the question of pacifism is serious only for those who have the ability to open fire. In this case, pacifism becomes a sign of power, since it's only in an extreme position of strength that we are freed from the need to fire.”
Read the whole article

Friday, May 07, 2010

Escalation and reaction... Mayday 2010

A wild Mayday in 2010 has left many comrades in jail and facing charges, as well as much discussion about tactics and the use of violence.

Here an argument in support of the Mayday riots in Santa Cruz

Here a statement supporting those allegedly involved in the controversial Mayday actions in Asheville NC

And most importantly before we publish our critique of any actions we must work to get our comrades out of jail, and only then do we begin the discussion...

Support the Asheville 11:

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Support Antifa in San Francisco!

On Mayday two Anti-Fascists were arrested in San Francisco, after a confrontation with a group of Nazis after an anti immigration protest.The bourgeoisie media, the police, and the nazis have once again shown they have no problems working together to criminalize those who struggle. At this point, the movement here in the states has been stretched thin due to the bulk of arrests that resulted from an unprecedented and exciting year of May Day actions and thus comrades in the Bay Area need everyone's help to secure the release of the two imprisoned anti-fascists. Immediate solidarity and support is needed and should be demonstrated incessantly because it affirms and expands who we are, what we do, and if we struggle together, what we can become!

No Pasaran!
Our Solidarity is a weapon!

People on the ground in San Francisco are asking anyone that can to please send money so we can bail our comrades out of jail. The best way to send donations is via Paypal to paypal [at] You can also send well-concealed cash or checks or money orders (please leave the "pay to" section blank) to:

Kelsey & Dee Support
3030b 16th street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Freedom for the 5 comrades arrested in Buenos Aires!

(all translations via this is our job)
During the afternoon of Tuesday, April 27, 2010, comrades decided to attack the Greek embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a show of solidarity with anarchist comrade Giannis Dimitrakis, who is facing the final appeal of his 35-year prison sentence for a 2006 bank robbery. Read More
The 5 are still in jail facing severe state repression:

-Raids on Houses of Comrades Arrested at Greek Embassy

-Judge refuses to release “Buenos Aires Five” [UPDATE #2]

Información sobre lxs 5 compañerxs detenidxs en Argentina

El martes 27 de abril fueron detenidxs dos compañeras y tres compañeros anarquistas frente a la embajada de Grecia en Buenos Aires, tras realizar una accion en solidaridad con Giannis Dimitrakis (1).

En el transcurso de la acción aparecieron dos policías de civil mostrando sus armas y gritando que iban a disparar, seguido, aparecieron más efctivos de la Policía Federal, produciendose un enfrentamiento con lxs compañerxs. Resultando de esto 5 compañerxs detenidxs, unx de lxs cuales resulto heridx en la cabeza y trasladado al Hospital Fernández donde se le mantuvo toda la noche esposadxo. Por parte de la policía resultaron 3 heridos, uno con traumatismo de craneo, otro con una fractura en el brazo y otro con rotura de ligamento.

Lxs compañerxs fueron llevadxs a la Comisaría n·15 sin que el resto pudiera tener información verídica de si estaba en la 15 o en la 17. Al día siguiente fueron trsladadxs a los Tribunales de Comodoro Py para declarar ante el juez Claudio Bonadío (2) que los acusó de: “daños agravados”, “lesiones”, “resistencia a la autoridad” y también le aplicó el delito de “prepotencia ideológica”, cara oculta de la Ley Antiterrorista.
Lee Todo (por Liberacion Total)

Monday, May 03, 2010

Asheville May Day arrestees need your help!

From Infoshop News
Eleven people were arrested here yesterday evening, including folks from Milwaukee, Carrboro, Raleigh, Asheville, and OKC. Ten people have $10,000 bail and seven counts of misdemeanor damage to personal property, three counts of misdemeanor damage to real property; one person has $11,000 bail and an extra charge. One person has been bailed out by their family so far.
Everyone will be arraigned tomorrow at 8:30am, so we'll know more then. Their charges and bail may change, and we may be able to get folks out then. We haven't heard much from the people inside, so we aren't sure who wants to be bailed out right now. We'll update y'all once we have more information.

As you can probably tell, we could use cash money. We're working on getting a paypal set up, but if you'd like to wire us money or send us checks, email

More news as it comes! Thanks for all of the love and solidarity that's been pouring in already, and good luck to everyone else who got in trouble yesterday.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Mayday 2010!

MAYDAY 2010!

Athens, Greece:

New York:

Around noon, several Banks, ATMs, and American Apparel, and several other corporate storefronts on Broadway were attacked by a breakaway march dozens strong. Police swarmed the rally as it approached Union Square, arresting 5 individuals at random while the rest dispersed safely.
Apparently a few concerened citizens were involved in making citizens arrests including a chubby little american apparel employee seen below and in the video:

Berlin, Germany:

Asheville NC:

Santa Cruz:

-Photos of the aftermath

San Francisco, CA:

Also in San Francisco, a group of fascists with the Bay Area National "Anarchists"(BANA) were beaten as they left an anti immigration march by antifa. Unfortunately 2 people were arrested by gun wielding undercover cops and face enormously high bail ($200,000). Fuck BANA And Fuck Andrew Yeoman, Solidarity with our comrades in SF!

BANA Scum:

Parker Wilson

Andrew Yeoman:
After the beating:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

UPDATE: All Six Disappeared in San Juan Copala Are Confirmed Alive

(from el enemigo comun)
Four of Six Disappeared in San Juan Copala Are Confirmed Alive
UPDATE: All Six Disappeared in San Juan Copala Are Confirmed Alive

by Kristin Bricker

Contralinea reports that David Venegas and Noe Bautista from VOCAL have made it to safety in Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca. They say they were with missing Contralinea reporters Erika Ramirez and David Cilia.

Venegas and Bautista have a video of Ramirez and Cilia that proves the journalists are alive. Ramirez is unhurt but dehydrated. Cilia has a bullet in his thigh and another bullet grazed his waist, but Venegas and Bautista say that neither are in danger of dying as long as they are rescued soon.

Venegas, Bautista, Ramirez, and Cilia had been missing since the April 27 paramilitary attack on an aid caravan that was headed for the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala in Oaxaca.

Cilia’s father David is en route to the conflict zone. He has stated that he will search for his missing son, regardless of the risk it entails.

Still missing are two Triqui women from San Juan Copala, whom paramilitaries kidnapped just prior to the attack on the caravan. The UBISORT paramilitaries, whom are allied with the ruling party in Oaxaca, released a third woman who notified the autonomous municipality of the kidnapping. UBISORT is demanding a ransom for the missing women.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paramilitary Attack leaves 2 Dead and at least 4 'disappeared' in Oaxaca Mexico!

Oaxaca, Mexico:
Paramilitary attack leaves 2 deaths, 15 injuries, and 3 comrades from the Libertarian group VOCAL have 'disappeared' in Oaxaca Mexico. A peace caravan heading to the Triqui region of Oaxaca was ambushed by Paramilitaries from UBISORT (Union for Social Well-Being in the Triqui Region) and the MULT (Triqui Movement of Unification and Struggle Movement.)

(information is being gathered from various sources check back for more info)

We are filled with rage by this cowardly attack, more so because we at love and resistance have had the privilege of meeting with and interviewing members of VOCAL in 2007.
May these deaths not be in vain!
Solidarity with VOCAL, CACTUS and all of the Autonomous social struggles in Mexico!

(David Venegas Reyes one of the 'Disappeared' members of VOCAL)

Communique from Mexico:

Yesterday the realization of this caravan to the Triqui region, inside of our state of Oaxaca, was announced to the media. In this caravan there are comrades from the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO), Section 22 of the teachers' union, Oaxacan Voices Constructing Autonomy and Freedom (VOCAL), CACTUS, members of MULTI (Independent Triqui Movement of Unification and Struggle), as well as international observer comrades.

As was already announced, the caravan left today, April 27, 2010, at approximately 11 AM from the city of Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca, with the goal of breaking the siege that the Autonomous Triqui Community finds itself in as a result of state and paramilitary repression against the process of autonomy which it is building inside this community. Violent paramilitary attacks have occurred at different moments during the autonomous process of San Juan Copala and have been directed by the paramilitary organization called UBISORT (Union for Social Well-Being in the Triqui Region) which in reality is presided over by Rufino Juárez Hernández and the MULT (Triqui Movement of Unification and Struggle Movement.)

Before the departure of the caravan, the autonomous president of San Juan Copala, Jesús Martínez Flores, placed responsibility for any attack on Evencio Nicolás Martínez, Oaxaca State Attorney General, Jorge Franco Vargas "El Chucky", State Interior Minister, and Carlos Martínez, local PRI candidate for the state congress. Also, he urged UBISORT and MULT to behave responsibly and with earnestness towards the peace negotiations for the Triqui people.

Read More
Good info and translations at el enemigo comun

Oaxaca: Oaxaca: Ataque paramilitar causa entre dos y cinco muertos y hasta 22 desaparecidos [Actualización]
El ataque ha sido realizado por un grupo paramilitar contra la caravana de observación iniciada ayer en la región triqui

Agresión armada a la Caravana de Apoyo y Solidaridad con el Municipio Autónomo de San Juan Copala, Oaxaca.


Desde el día de ayer previamente se anunció ante los medios de comunicación la realización de esta caravana con rumbo a la región triqui, dentro de nuestro estado de Oaxaca. En esta caravana participan compañeros integrantes de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO), Sección 22 del magisterio, Voces Oaxaqueñas Construyendo Autonomía y Libertad (VOCAL), CACTUS, integrantes del MULTI (Movimiento de Unificación y Lucha Triqui- Independiente), así como compañeros observadores internacionales.

Como ya había sido anunciado, la caravana partió el día de hoy 27 de abril del 2010, aproximadamente a las 11:00 am desde la Ciudad de Huajuapan de León, Oax. Con el fin de romper el cerco en el que se encuentra esta Comunidad Autónoma Triqui como consecuencia de la represión estatal y paramilitar contra el proceso de autonomía que se esta construyendo dentro de esa comunidad. Las violentas agresiones paramilitares se han presentado en diferentes momentos del proceso autónomo de San Juan Copala y han sido encabezadas por la organización paramilitar denominada UBISORT (Unión de Bienestar Social de la Región Triqui) que actualmente es presidida por Rufino Juárez Hernández y el MULT (Movimiento de Unificación y Lucha Triqui).

Previamente a la salida de la caravana, el presidente autónomo de San Juan Copala, Jesús Martínez Flores responsabilizó de cualquier agresión a Evencio Nicolás Martínez Procurador General de Justicia, Jorge Franco Vargas ”el chuky” Secretario de Gobierno del Estado y Carlos Martínez candidato para la diputación local por el PRI. Así mismo exigieron que la UBISORT y el MULT actuaran con responsabilidad y seriedad con la mesa de PAZ para el pueblo Triqui.

Lee Todo

Monday, February 15, 2010

Antifa Stop Nazi March in Dresden

Thousands of people gathered in Dresden to block for the first time an annual neo-Nazi march commemorating the Allied bombing of the German city during World War II.

Some 6,400 neo-Nazis gathered outside the Neustadt railway station to mark the anniversary of the devastating bombing raids, and were to have staged a "funeral march" after listening to a series of speeches, but around 12,000 counter-protestors blocked the rally.

"We have for the first time succeeded in preventing the biggest neo-Nazi march in Europe," said Lena Roth of the "Dresden without Nazis" alliance of politicians, artists and unionists.

Police, who deployed nearly 5,700 men, said late Saturday that clashes broke out on several occasions resulting in "at least 27 injured, including 15 policemen" as stones and bottles were thrown.

Entre 10.000 y 12.000 antifascistas bloquearon el sábado varias calles y avenidas y evitaron que se realice el tradicional desfile neonazi en la ciudad de Dresde, Alemania del Este. Mas info con fotos y video

Tamara's Current Situation (spain)/ Alfredo and Christos Denied Bail (greece)

February 15 will mark two months since our friend and comrade Tamara was abducted by the state.

Currently, Brians I prison administration has ordered the limitation of her visitation rights and phone calls.Her mail is being monitored, and they only give it to her when they feel like it.

An appeal for her provisional liberty has been denied.Right now, we are awaiting new motions by her defense, which could lead to changes in the judicial process.

We know that information about her case has been hard to come by, but prison and the law know nothing of life, of time.

Letters from Tamara (via This is our Job)

From the other side of the wall: Letter #1 from Tamara

From the other side of the wall: Letter #2 from Tamara
The two anarchist comrades, Alfredo Maria Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos, accused of being involved in a bank robbery in Trikala, Greece have had their bail refused.
Read More

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Riot 2010! A Heart Attack in Vancouver!/Disturbio 2010! Un infarto para Vancouver!

February 13th saw an escalation in anti olympic activity in Vancouver. An action called Heart Attack wound through the streets of Vancouver attacking symbols of capitalism and businesses that support the Olympic games. Fights broke out as police attacked the crowd, violently arresting seven. The march intending to block the highway leading to Whistler, where the games are being held, was stopped but not before releasing its rage on the city center.
No Olympics on Stolen Land!

Read a first hand reportback from SF's Friendly Fire Collective (beware of moments of pretty weak analysis)

En el 13 de Febrero, las acciones anti olímpicas se escalaron dramáticamente en Vancouver, Canadá. La acción denominada como Ataque al Corazón (heart attack) se abria paso por las calles de Vancouver atacando símbolos capitalistas como bancos y negocios que patrocinan los juegos olímpicos. Surgieron algunas grescas cuando la policía atacó a lxs que participaban en las acciones, arrestando violentamente a siete personas. La marcha intentaba bloquear la vía que lleva a Whistler, donde los juegos olímpicos estan tomando lugar, la marcha fué detenida antes de llegar a su destino pero no sin antes haber desahogado su furia en el centro de la ciudad.
No a las Olimpiadas en las tierras robadas a los indios americanos!

Para leer un reporte en inglés first hand reportback del colectivo de San Francisco Friendly Fire

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sabotage 2010, No Olympics on Stolen Land...

Over a thousand people took to the streets on Friday the 12th blocking the olympic torch run as it made its way to the opening ceremonies in Vancouver. Clashes with police broke out briefly, a police spokesperson said that one cop was hospitalized. More action is expected tomorrow.
A brief look at the horror that the Olympics have brought in the past.

Video from today:

No 2010 Website

Monday, February 08, 2010

Free the Belgrade 6!

On Saturday, Sept. 4, five* political activists were arrested in Belgrade on trumped up charges. The five, Tadej Kurepa, Ivan Vulović, Sanja Dojkić, Ratibor Trivunac and Nikola Mitrovic, are activists in or associates of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative, the Serbian section of the International Workers’ Association (IWA). (* The sixth person sought by police, Ivan Savic, was also arrested some days later.)

The arrests are allegedly related to a direct action which took place at the Greek Embassy on Aug. 25. Negligible damage was done; a crack in one window, a tiny burn mark on the facade and a circled A graffiti on the embassy as a act of symbolic solidarity with Thodoros Iliopoulos. are to be tried for international terrorism. They 6 have now been charged with "International Terrorism" and face 15 years in prison. In the near future, this means they will remain incommunicado in jail for at least several months.

They are accused of being the authors of graffiti painted on the Greek embassy last 25th August, and of having thrown a petrol bomb which only damaged a window. The fact that the comrades deny that they had anything to do with these events clearly does not worry the Serbian State in its obsession to find someone guilty. Indeed, from Paris to Belgrade, the international police are all very much alike… They must have had the same instructors…

Read More and Support the Belgrade 6!

Solidarity is a Weapon, use it!


El 4 de septiembre de 2009 el Tribunal local de Belgrado decidía que los miembros de la ASI detenidos serían retenidos durante 30 días. Entre los encarcelados se encuentran Ratibor Trivunac (Secretario General de la AIT)), Tadej Kurepa, Ivan Vulović, Sanja Đokić, Ivan Savić y Nikola Mitrović. Nuestros compañeros están acusados de un acto de terrorismo internacional.

La Confederación de Sindicatos "Iniciativa Anarco-sindicalista" se enteró a través de los medios de comunicación del ataque a la embajada griega y de la organización que lo asumió.

Lee Todo y Apoya lxs 6 de Belgrado!

mas por la Haine

Friday, February 05, 2010

Barricades on Insurgentes, Mexico City

Barricades and confrontations in Solidarity with prisoners, in Mexico City:

(from Liberacion Total)

" 'The great are great only because we are on our knees. Let us rise!'

-Max Stirner

In the early morning of Tuesday, February 2nd, a cell in solidarity with the call for Anti Prison Agitation, moved into the streets to set fire to dumpsters along Insurgenetes Avenue of the Federal District [a major thoroughfare of Mexico City], to show our anger and rage against the centers of annihilation called prisons, and to call for their destruction. The action caused minor chaos with the traffic stopped for a few minutes until the Police came, and because of our great anger we responded to them causing injuries to our enemies, which caused one of them to open fire to disperse us. After this we left to not end up in jail or put ourselves at further risk. Regardless it is clear that this will not be the first nor the last time that this shall pass and each day we will try to overthrow every one of our enemies until we succeed in achieving our long sought freedom.

We understand that the problem is not delincuency, rebelliousness, or disobedience, but rather the entire system which involves the hypocrisy of power and the contemptible existence of a tangible inequality. We understand who are our enemies and we act in solidarity with all of those whom from the trenches try to overthrow them with whatever means they find necessary.

We have declared war, we won't stop until we have destroyed all that attempts to kill humanity.

We extend a greeting to all whom have decided to begin the battle and who have begun to light up the night in different ways. We act in solidarity with all political prisoners and also with those who have been victims of this miserable system.

For the total destruction of the prisons, for the total destruction of the system.

-Nameless Individuals"


Barricadas y enfrentamientos en solidaridad con lxs presxs, México

(por liberacion total)

“Los grandes son grandes porque estamos de rodillas, levantémonos!”
Max Stirner

"En la madrugada del martes 2 de febrero, una célula en solidaridad con la Jornada de Agitación Anticarcelaria, salimos a incendiar unos contenedores sobre la Avenida Insurgentes del Distrito Federal, como muestra de nuestro enojo y rabia contra los centros de aniquilación llamados cárceles y por la destrucción de las mismas. Se causó un pequeño caos vial y la circulación se detuvo por algunos minutos hasta que miembros de la Policía llegaron, y al ser grande nuestro enojo, respondimos ante ello causando heridas a nuestros enemigos, lo que hizo que uno de ellos disparara para disolvernos. Al suceder esto, nos retiramos para no ser encarceladxs o expuestxs. Sin embargo, nos es claro que no será la primera ni la última vez que suceda y que cada día intentaremos derrocar a cada uno de nuestros enemigos hasta lograr nuestra anhelada libertad.

Entendemos que el problema no es la delincuencia, la rebeldía o la desobediencia, sino todo el sistema que entraña la hipocresía del poder y la existencia ruin de una desigualdad palpable. Tenemos claro quiénes son nuestros enemigos y nos solidarizamos con todxs aquellxs que desde sus trincheras intentan derrocarlos por los medios que les sean pertinentes. Hemos declarado una guerra y ésta no cesará hasta destruir todo lo que atenta contra la humanidad.

Extendemos saludos a todxs los que han decidido comenzar la batalla y han comenzado a iluminar la noche de diversas maneras. Nos solidarizamos con lxs presxs políticxs y también con los que han sido víctimas de este sistema miserable.

Por la destrucción total de las prisiones, por la destrucción total del sistema.

Individuos sin nombre"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mexico: "the insurrectionist counter attack"

After years of repression in Mexico, 2010 seems like it is set to become the year of the counter offensive. Bombings and arson have taken place across central Mexico by anarchist groups.

A new year's day communique from an anarchist group in Tijuana claimed responsibility for the machine gunning of police cars, the stick ups of various OXXO stores (a 7/11 type chain) as well as the killing of a police officer who attempted to intervene in a stickup. There has also apparently been a reemergence of the Marxist-Leninist and indigenous armed struggle groups mainly in the poorer states of Mexico. What more will 2010 bring?

Read a good article by John Ross on recent events in Mexico.

A translation of the New Years Communique from Tijuana:

Black Christmas: We unleashed all of our rage in these dates of consumerism and Christianity in Direct Solidarity with all of our comrades kidnapped by the Mexican State in the entire world.

Comrades: During the first hours of this new year, we machine gunned three police vehicles of the Tijuana Municipal Police as well as one private police car, in different parts of the city. During the attack there were no "victims reported", our intention was not to kill the cops but to demonstrate that we are still active and in solidarity with our comrades.

We did this as a gesture of solidarity with the international hunger strike of anarchist prisoners called for by Gabriel Pombo Da Silva... from the 20th of December until January 1st, as well our attack is in solidarity with our comrades Abrahán López, Fermín Gómez, Emmanuel Hernández Hernández y Víctor Herrera Govea [currently in jail in Mexico for alleged bombings and attacks attributed to anarchist, earth and animal liberation cells].

We will also continue our expropriations from OXXO stores. This capitalist business took part in accusations against our comrade Víctor Herrera. Including yesterday we have carried out seven successful expropriations. We have ended the year well, which permits us to have the necessary means to continue attacking the State and capital. Unfortunately during one expropriation a cop who attempted to defend the interests of the State and capital died. It was him or us. Sadly, two robbers, without ideological motives, were captured during a hold up at one of the branches of the same business, the police are trying to blame them for our actions. We write this to clarify that the only "crime" these individuals were involved in was the robbery where they were arrested.

Comrades: The best way to show solidarity with our imprisoned comrades is to constantly attack the State and capital, therefore we call on all affinity groups, collectives and anarchist individuals to join the insurrectionist counter attack, we invite you to give an answer to the death that the State and capitalism force upon us, from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego.

All capitalist businesses are our objective: banks, stock exchange, currency exchanges, insurance companies, department stores, OXXO, Super 7, Seven Eleven, Supermarkets.
All government installations are our objective as well: cop cars, cops, police vans, soldiers, marines, etc. All of the headquarters of all of the political parties, and Unions. All churches of all denominations. All authority and its representatives are our enemy. Insurrectionist and anti authoritarian fire to all authority!

-Multiply the Affinity Groups!

-Lets Blow Up the Present!

-We shall continue the Direct Actions in solidarity with anarchist prisoners, supporting the international hunger strike.

-We will not permit them to put out the insurrectionist fire!

-Free all Prisoners!

-For the Destruction of the State and capital!

PS: Brother Gabriel thank you for you words! You are not alone! Another Anonymous Anarchist Action Tijuana, Baja California.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Do the riot thing! - support the Fittja 10 (sweden)

(from ABC-Orkan)

Do the riot thing! - support the Fittja 10 (sweden)

During the last year, riots and arsons have spread through urban areas in Sweden. Youth in poorer communities have started fires and attacked firefighters and cops on arrival. The unrest is clearly linked to a discontent with the situation they face; the segregated cities, the poor living conditions in their areas, the discrimination they face in mainstream society. Wherever they go they carry their areas? reputation with them.
But the answer politicians come up with is always the same ? heavy policing and maybe, maybe some social programs to keep youth busy and off the streets.
In Fittja, an underprivileged community in the outskirts of Stockholm, unrest and riots broke out and went on for some nights after a police intervention at a youth center on Sunday 25th October.

The Tuesday after, one person was arrested and the following day riot police raided the apartment the person shares with others in Fittja, arresting another nine people. The following weekend they were all detained, charged with preparing an arson and one also for rioting.
Police and media from the beginning claimed that the arrested were ?known members of Antifascist Action? who had traveled to Fittja after the unrest begun. The ten are described as ?criminal adults? and ?troublemakers from the outside? and depicted as the ones responsible for the riots and the damages in the area.
Repeatedly parallels are drawn to the riots in Rosengård in Malmö last winter, following the eviction of a center run by various neighborhood initiatives. Some people came there to get help with their homework, others came there to pray. Now, the company owning the building said the center was to be replaced with a school to teach the residents how to live in an apartment(!). For a while, the center was squated by youth from the area. When they got evicted, anger and frustration mounted. Activists living close by, joined them to show their solidarity with the evicted youth, like they had before with autonomous social centers like the Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen.
And indeed the picture drawn up by the media then shows many similarities to the one that is displayed today, the one of autonomous activists from outside the area causing unrest and destruction in an already vulnerable area.
It?s simple media logic ? a scenario with easily identifiable scape goats makes for a good story. Reality doesn?t have much to do with it, it?s more of a backdrop to the story. However, the people behind the headlines are real and they need our support.
The 22. december the remaining two of Fittja10 were sentenced, one to five months and
a fine of 1000 sek, the other one to four months in prison. One of them
has been incarcerated since her arrest in October and will most likely
have to stay in jail until the beginning of her prison sentence.
(The incarcerated individual appealed the sentence and has already been released as of this posting!)

Solidaridad con lxs detenidxs de Fittja

Una intervención policial en un centro de jóvenes en Fittja, a las afueras de Estocolmo acabó en tres noches de conflictos. Ahora diez personas se encuentran detenidas, acusadas de preparar un incendio y uno de ellas también de disturbios.

Durante el año pasado, disturbios e incendios se han extendido por las zonas urbanas de Suecia. Jóvenes de barrios pobres han prendido fuego y atacado a bomberos y policías cuando estos llegan. Los conflictos tienen claramente algo que ver con una desilusión con la situación que les toca; las ciudades segregadas, las condiciones de pobreza en sus barrios, la discriminación que muestra la sociedad hacía ellos. En todas partes llevan su mala reputación encima.

Lee Todo

Tamara Libertad! Free Tamara!

On Thursday 17 of December Tamara, an anarchist comrade from Madrid, has been imprisoned in the woman's prison of Wad-Ras. She is accused of having sent an explosive package to Albert Batlle, secretary of penitentiary services of the Catalan regional government.

The action was in October, during a campaign in struggle against the penitentiary system and in solidarity with the prisoner Amadeu Casellas, who was at that time on hunger strike.
Read more in English


"El pasado 15 de diciembre la compañera anarquista Tamara fue asaltada por esbirros dependientes del Ministerio del Interior. A partir de ese momento, la maquinaria mediática a sueldo del Estado ha desencadenado una campaña de desprestigio y criminalización hacia su persona y hacia las organizaciones solidarias que actúan con consecuencia frente a la mayor de las pocilgas del Sistema: Su sistema carcelario. "
Lee Mas