Friday, January 15, 2010

Mexico: "the insurrectionist counter attack"

After years of repression in Mexico, 2010 seems like it is set to become the year of the counter offensive. Bombings and arson have taken place across central Mexico by anarchist groups.

A new year's day communique from an anarchist group in Tijuana claimed responsibility for the machine gunning of police cars, the stick ups of various OXXO stores (a 7/11 type chain) as well as the killing of a police officer who attempted to intervene in a stickup. There has also apparently been a reemergence of the Marxist-Leninist and indigenous armed struggle groups mainly in the poorer states of Mexico. What more will 2010 bring?

Read a good article by John Ross on recent events in Mexico.

A translation of the New Years Communique from Tijuana:

Black Christmas: We unleashed all of our rage in these dates of consumerism and Christianity in Direct Solidarity with all of our comrades kidnapped by the Mexican State in the entire world.

Comrades: During the first hours of this new year, we machine gunned three police vehicles of the Tijuana Municipal Police as well as one private police car, in different parts of the city. During the attack there were no "victims reported", our intention was not to kill the cops but to demonstrate that we are still active and in solidarity with our comrades.

We did this as a gesture of solidarity with the international hunger strike of anarchist prisoners called for by Gabriel Pombo Da Silva... from the 20th of December until January 1st, as well our attack is in solidarity with our comrades Abrahán López, Fermín Gómez, Emmanuel Hernández Hernández y Víctor Herrera Govea [currently in jail in Mexico for alleged bombings and attacks attributed to anarchist, earth and animal liberation cells].

We will also continue our expropriations from OXXO stores. This capitalist business took part in accusations against our comrade Víctor Herrera. Including yesterday we have carried out seven successful expropriations. We have ended the year well, which permits us to have the necessary means to continue attacking the State and capital. Unfortunately during one expropriation a cop who attempted to defend the interests of the State and capital died. It was him or us. Sadly, two robbers, without ideological motives, were captured during a hold up at one of the branches of the same business, the police are trying to blame them for our actions. We write this to clarify that the only "crime" these individuals were involved in was the robbery where they were arrested.

Comrades: The best way to show solidarity with our imprisoned comrades is to constantly attack the State and capital, therefore we call on all affinity groups, collectives and anarchist individuals to join the insurrectionist counter attack, we invite you to give an answer to the death that the State and capitalism force upon us, from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego.

All capitalist businesses are our objective: banks, stock exchange, currency exchanges, insurance companies, department stores, OXXO, Super 7, Seven Eleven, Supermarkets.
All government installations are our objective as well: cop cars, cops, police vans, soldiers, marines, etc. All of the headquarters of all of the political parties, and Unions. All churches of all denominations. All authority and its representatives are our enemy. Insurrectionist and anti authoritarian fire to all authority!

-Multiply the Affinity Groups!

-Lets Blow Up the Present!

-We shall continue the Direct Actions in solidarity with anarchist prisoners, supporting the international hunger strike.

-We will not permit them to put out the insurrectionist fire!

-Free all Prisoners!

-For the Destruction of the State and capital!

PS: Brother Gabriel thank you for you words! You are not alone! Another Anonymous Anarchist Action Tijuana, Baja California.

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