Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Greece: Anarchists march in solidarity with immigrants

Recently the Greek state has intensified it's attacks on poor immigrants. Anarchists and anti-authoritarians from Greece called for a march in Athens on 7 July 2009 at 7pm, against what they call a "modern apartheid" (refering to the recent attempts by fascists in the Saint Pandeleimonas district, where many immigrants live, to disallow them from entering into communal spaces such as play grounds or parks, but also to the cop operations in central Athens "clearing" the city of unwanted immigrants en masse with no regard for their human rights). There are also alarming government plans for all unwanted immigrants to be arrested and held at concentration camps for years.

The march had about 2500 comrades, and this made the cops to keep themselves at safe distance. During the march various texts were distributed, anarchist graffiti was drawn, security cameras were destroyed, as well as bank ATMs. The march proceeded towards Saint Pandeleimonas and when the head of the march was about to enter the district the cops immediately fired tear gas and shock grenades, with the comrades replying with stones and flare bombs.

Many immigrants were participating in the march and they attacked Delta guards (Deltades) in Victoria Square (Deltades are thugs the state uses as light-cops until real cops arrive). After the march, the Saint Pandeleimonas district was full of immigrants and clear of fascists or cops. The fascists supported the cops in their attempt to drive the march out of Saint Pandeleimonas.
A fascist accidentaly set himself on fire.

A march also took place in Thessaloniki in northern Greece.

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Grecia: Anarquistas marchan en solidaridad con inmigrantes

Recientemente el estado Griego ha intensificado sus ataques contra inmigrantes pobres. Anarquistas y antiautoritarios griegos llamaron a una marcha en Atenas el 7 de Julio de 2009, contra lo que llamaron ¨un moderno apartheid¨(refiriendose a los recientes ataques perpetrados por grupos fascistas en el distrito de Saint Pandeleimonas lugar dónde residen numerosos inmigrantes, impidiendo el libre acceso de los inmigrantes a los espacios comunes como plazas, juegos de niños y parques. Y tambén las operaciones policiales en el centro de Atenas para ¨limpiar¨la ciudad de inmigrantes indeseables).
El gobierno también tiene planes de arrestar inmigrantes indesables y retenerlos en campos de concentración por años.

La marcha contó con más de 2,500 compañerxs, lo que hizo que la policía mantuviera su distancia de la manifestación. Durante la marcha varios textos fueron distribuidos, se pintó graffiti anaquista, de destruyeron cámaras de seguridad así como cajeros automáticos bancarios. Cuando la marcha se dirigió a Saint Pandeleimonas y se encontraba a punto de entrar al barrio, la policía arremetió inmediatamente con gas lacrimógeno y granadas de choque, a lo que lxs compañerxs contestaron con piedras y bombas molotov.

Muchos inmigrantes que participaron en la marcha atacaron a los Guardias Delta (Deltades) en la plaza Victoria ( los Deltades son un civiles que actúan como policías mientras que los policías reales llegan a la escena). Después de la marcha el Distrito de aint Pandeleimonas se encontraba lleno de inmigrantes y sin rastros de fascitas ni de policás. Los fascistas apoyaron a la policía en todo momento. Un fascista se prendió fuego accidentalmente.

También hubo otra marcha en solidadridad en la ciudad de Thessaloniki en el norte de Grecia.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Repression and Action: the G8 in Italy/ Represión y Acción en Italia

The G8 is set to meet in L'Aquila (which was recently hit by a massive earthquake) , Italy not far from Rome. This is the first G8 meeting in Italy since 2001 where there was massive rioting, Carlo Guliani was shot and killed by Caribineri and brutal police attacks. 8 years later and italy seems to be moving further fascist. Vigilante groups have been legalized to operate in Italian cities and fascists have been quick to take advantage of this to parade around in Mussolini era garb:

Rome also is home to Casa Pound a Fascist 'social center' in the middle of Rome's Chinatown.

It seems like the turnout for the protests this year under the current climate have been small, though there have been a few actions including a blockade at Rome's central train station where a group of 150 or so masked individuals shut down train traffic.

Solidarity actions have also been held in Berlin. There has been a lot of repression leading up to the G8 with raids against students, 'anarcho autonomous' groups and others accused of 'armed band' taking place across the country.

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Como repuesta contra la repression del estado Italiano estudiantes en Roma ocuparon sus escuelas. Mas por "la Haine"

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer Fun in Europe

Anarchists from Hamburg’s autonomous scene battled police for six hours late Saturday and early Sunday in the trendy Schanzenviertel neighbourhood after a street fair. At least 67 rioters were arrested and 27 police officers injured.


In Berlin a G8 Solidarity demo was held


And in Venice a protest against a US military base flared up as demonstrators clashed with police, in the lead up to the G8 mobilizations in Italy.


And a report from Athens, Greece on a hot summer...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Coming Insurrection via Glenn Beck

The book "The Coming Insurrection" authored by an anonymous 'Invisible Committee' has recently been translated into english and has been published by semiotext(e). This book has already attracted alot of attention.

In New York City an impromtu book release party was covered by the NY Times, and more recently right wing hack and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck had an incredibly amusing rant about the book on his TV show:

Happy Reading Glenn Beck!!!