Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Repression and Action: the G8 in Italy/ Represión y Acción en Italia

The G8 is set to meet in L'Aquila (which was recently hit by a massive earthquake) , Italy not far from Rome. This is the first G8 meeting in Italy since 2001 where there was massive rioting, Carlo Guliani was shot and killed by Caribineri and brutal police attacks. 8 years later and italy seems to be moving further fascist. Vigilante groups have been legalized to operate in Italian cities and fascists have been quick to take advantage of this to parade around in Mussolini era garb:

Rome also is home to Casa Pound a Fascist 'social center' in the middle of Rome's Chinatown.

It seems like the turnout for the protests this year under the current climate have been small, though there have been a few actions including a blockade at Rome's central train station where a group of 150 or so masked individuals shut down train traffic.

Solidarity actions have also been held in Berlin. There has been a lot of repression leading up to the G8 with raids against students, 'anarcho autonomous' groups and others accused of 'armed band' taking place across the country.

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Como repuesta contra la repression del estado Italiano estudiantes en Roma ocuparon sus escuelas. Mas por "la Haine"

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