Sunday, May 02, 2010

Mayday 2010!

MAYDAY 2010!

Athens, Greece:

New York:

Around noon, several Banks, ATMs, and American Apparel, and several other corporate storefronts on Broadway were attacked by a breakaway march dozens strong. Police swarmed the rally as it approached Union Square, arresting 5 individuals at random while the rest dispersed safely.
Apparently a few concerened citizens were involved in making citizens arrests including a chubby little american apparel employee seen below and in the video:

Berlin, Germany:

Asheville NC:

Santa Cruz:

-Photos of the aftermath

San Francisco, CA:

Also in San Francisco, a group of fascists with the Bay Area National "Anarchists"(BANA) were beaten as they left an anti immigration march by antifa. Unfortunately 2 people were arrested by gun wielding undercover cops and face enormously high bail ($200,000). Fuck BANA And Fuck Andrew Yeoman, Solidarity with our comrades in SF!

BANA Scum:

Parker Wilson

Andrew Yeoman:
After the beating:

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