Monday, May 03, 2010

Asheville May Day arrestees need your help!

From Infoshop News
Eleven people were arrested here yesterday evening, including folks from Milwaukee, Carrboro, Raleigh, Asheville, and OKC. Ten people have $10,000 bail and seven counts of misdemeanor damage to personal property, three counts of misdemeanor damage to real property; one person has $11,000 bail and an extra charge. One person has been bailed out by their family so far.
Everyone will be arraigned tomorrow at 8:30am, so we'll know more then. Their charges and bail may change, and we may be able to get folks out then. We haven't heard much from the people inside, so we aren't sure who wants to be bailed out right now. We'll update y'all once we have more information.

As you can probably tell, we could use cash money. We're working on getting a paypal set up, but if you'd like to wire us money or send us checks, email

More news as it comes! Thanks for all of the love and solidarity that's been pouring in already, and good luck to everyone else who got in trouble yesterday.

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