Monday, February 15, 2010

Antifa Stop Nazi March in Dresden

Thousands of people gathered in Dresden to block for the first time an annual neo-Nazi march commemorating the Allied bombing of the German city during World War II.

Some 6,400 neo-Nazis gathered outside the Neustadt railway station to mark the anniversary of the devastating bombing raids, and were to have staged a "funeral march" after listening to a series of speeches, but around 12,000 counter-protestors blocked the rally.

"We have for the first time succeeded in preventing the biggest neo-Nazi march in Europe," said Lena Roth of the "Dresden without Nazis" alliance of politicians, artists and unionists.

Police, who deployed nearly 5,700 men, said late Saturday that clashes broke out on several occasions resulting in "at least 27 injured, including 15 policemen" as stones and bottles were thrown.

Entre 10.000 y 12.000 antifascistas bloquearon el sábado varias calles y avenidas y evitaron que se realice el tradicional desfile neonazi en la ciudad de Dresde, Alemania del Este. Mas info con fotos y video

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