Monday, August 27, 2007

Anarchists in the US getting ready for the Republican Convention.

"A year in advance of the planned Republican dog-and-pony show, the radically minded RNC resistance group is announcing a 2007 Labor Day weekend gathering in the Twin Cities. Wittily dubbed “the pReNC,” the event is to feature educational workshops and a prospective strategizing session.

Contrary to rumors, local anarchists, who do actually exist, are planning the event. Unlike local authorities and law enforcement, Twin Cities anarchists are organizing from the grassroots and will not be relying on national bodies to oversee their plans."

Anarchists in Minneapolis/St. Paul are already planning a radical response to the Republican National Convention, that well be held there a year from now. The "RNC Welcoming Comittee" is holding a Pre-RNC meeting for Radicals across the US to meet and make plans for the convention.

watch an awesome, newly released video from minneapolis.

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