Sunday, December 13, 2009

"there will be no 'return to normal', this is civil war..."

In response to the 2nd eviction of Wheeler Hall on the UC Berkeley campus an angry mob of torch-wielding students and non students made its way to School Chancellor Birgeneau's palatial mansion after a concert held in support of those arrested:

"As the protesters marched from the concert, they made makeshift barricades and obstacles (mostly from trash cans) for vehicles attempting to drive through the crowd. The march quickly turned into a small riot, taking the streets and blocking traffic. At one point a car irritated with the marchers, sped through the crowd carelessly, hitting an individual (although, no one suffered any apparent harm). As the crowd approached the entrance to campus, some lit torches. They approached the Chancellor’s residence on campus and began smashing lights, damaging windows, and breaking pots."

8 people were arrested in the aftermath of this action, all are being charged with serious crimes including attempted arson.

California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger stated "California will not tolerate any type of terrorism against any leaders including educators...The attack on Chancellor Birgeneau's home is a criminal act and those who participated will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law,"

A communique entitled "Torchlit Evening with Birgeneau" was released shortly after the action.

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