Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Get Walking: March in Solidarity with Latin America and Against Fascism

On Saturday night a small march left from Tompkins Square Park in NYC's Lower East Side. The was march called in solidarity with indigenous groups fighting the Peruvian government who had been massacred in the Amazon, resistance to the right wing coup in Honduras and the anti fascist demonstration being held in Greensboro North Carolina the same day. From the call:
"There is a war going on that we are involved with daily, for some it is a low intensity conflict that is often difficult to see clearly, for others it is crystal clear. Capitalism is involved in a constant offensive against all of us who dare stand in its way or who try, in vain, to carve out a space autonomous from the dominant order.

Throughout the Americas, and the world, we see this conflict played out. In 2 months alone dozens of indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon have been massacred because they stood in the way of Capital's advances. In Chile our comrades face imprisonment and massive repression as they continue to fight back against the democratic myth that keeps the dictatorial reality running smoothly. We remember, with rage in our hearts, Jaime Mendoza Collio, a 24 year old Mapuche militant, killed by police in a land occupation in Chile 10 days ago. In Central America the wealthy oligarchs have begun their counter offensive against the small gains that the left have made after years of military dictatorship and outright fascism.

Here in the US we see capitalism facing its most serious crisis in our lifetimes. We also see the radical right, fascist groups, and racialists of all stripes attempting to use this moment to their advantage. On Saturday the 29th the National Socialist Movement (American Nazi Party) is holding a gathering in Greensboro, NC where 30 years ago 5 anti-fascists were gunned down by fascists at an anti-KKK rally. Antifa from all over the US will be mobilizing to stop them. We stand in active solidarity with all of our comrades in Latin America, and the world, who are fighting against the state and capital.

We must grasp the totality of the current situation, see that we are living in a period of global civil war and begin to choose sides.
Solidarity Means Attack!

"The only choice our miserable lives allow is either the total destruction of a world dominated by government or to continue to drown in generalized barbarity."

A pamphlet entitled "Get Walking" was distributed to passerby and march attendees providing an important critique of latin american events...

Download a pdf here

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