Friday, December 12, 2008

What's Next in Greece?

attacking cops in athens

"Comrades in all the world, if you want to express your solidarity, which we need a lot keep on the fights in your countries and make them stronger. They are really afraid for us, believe us you can not imagine, here now we can see it clearly. Resurrection, like we read in the books really exists, we can assure you , we live it... It is Beautiful! In one night “reality”, “normality” died... It will happen to your countries soon. Make plans , Be ready"
- some anarchists from Athens

As Greece enters nearly a week straight of rioting it is still unclear what will happen? Will the Revolt spread as the media seem to fear? Students seem to be continuing the fight, riots continued again today, a Town Hall in suburban Athens was taken over by residents who referred to the current events as a "Civil War".

Here is a recent description of events on the ground from Greek Anarchists.

Solidarity actions continue to spread in europe, and in the US as well.

For on the ground accounts check out "On the Greek Riots"
Also see the C.S.A. 's info filled posts.

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