Thursday, December 18, 2008

Greece: Mass Student March Gassed/ NYC: Police Attack Student Occupation

"We are the law, we'll stay on the streets."
A student march of over 7,000 people took over central Athens. Police shot tear gas and concussion grenades directly into the crowd. The March ended in clashes and property destruction.A 16 year old student was shot in the hand before the marches began in Athens possibly by fascists. Occupations of media outlets have also reportedly spread in Greece.

At noon today in NYC Police attacked students and supporters at the New School University which has been occupied since last night. The students spread the occupation and were letting more occupiers into the building when the NYPD showed up attacked students and entered the school. One person was arrested but students were able to repel the police, barricading themselves inside the school. Word from the inside is that there are now many more students occupying and they are going strong!

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