Saturday, December 27, 2008

Polytechnic occupation ends....

"If something scares us, it is the return to normality. For in the destroyed and pillaged streets of our cities of light we see not only the obvious results of our rage, but the possibility of starting to live. We no longer have anything to do, other than to install ourselves in this possibility and transform it into a living experience: by grounding on the field of everyday life, our creativity, our power to materialize our desires, our power not to contemplate but to construct the real. This is our vital space. All the rest is death."

On December 24th, the Athens Polytechnic Occupation announced it would leave the school in order to help spread the rebellion into the neighborhoods.

-Here is a report from US based Crimethinc. on the events in Greece based on an interview with the Void Network

-Here is a report back from participants in the San Francisco solidarity demonstration on December 20th.

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