Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NYC: Solidarity with Alexis and the Greek Rioters

About 30 New Yorkers rallied in front of the Greek consulate yesterday to show their solidarity with Alexis , and the rioters throughout Greece. There was a large police presence, including a mobile command center, Undercover Officers and TARU (surveillance) officers. The protesters chanted "Cops Pigs Murders!" in Greek and English, as well as "Fire and flames to the state, their repression fuels our hate!" before dispersing.

The Consulate was shut down due to a early morning attack also in solidarity with Alexis. The windows of the consulate were smashed and the message "Alexi was here" and Anarchy symbols left on the walls. The incompetent NYPD theorize that this act was committed by the infamous "bicycle bomber" despite the fact that the M.O. was rather different, a brick was used and spray painted messages were left.


Jesse said...

Love and resistance and solidarity!

Anonymous said...

Freedom fighters of the world unite! One struggle, one fight.

Anonymous said...


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