Thursday, April 16, 2009

Unstoppable: Protests continue at the New School.

A rally was held today on 13th Street outside one of the New School buildings. Students were speaking out against the police attacks that occurred Friday and Saturday of last week, and continuing the call for President Bob Kerrey to resign. The Students and their supporters took to the streets once again in an unpermitted march and went (once again) to Bob Kerrey's house.

Afterwards the march wound its way to 65 5th avenue site of Friday's occupation with protesters chanting "from NY to Greece Fuck the Police". A confrontation began after police began to force people out of the street. 3 protesters were arrested but released a few hours later with summonses. The crowd then marched over towards NYU where students there were encouraged to "Occupy Everything".

A solidarity message was received by the New School rebels from the insurgent students of La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy.

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