Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Wild Weekend in the Big Apple

Another wild one in the death center of capital!

(photos from 'catastrophe' from exquisit corps)

Friday a.m. :

A wild student occupation at the new school complete with balaclava-ed occupiers, police state tactics, and a mini-riot.

Friday night:
Solidarity march leaves Union Square throwing barricades in the street, and heads for scum bag New School president Bob Kerrey's house. March makes it to site of occupation, 65 5th Avenue, arrests and clashes ensue, more barricades in the street.

Saturday a.m.:
The 3rd annual NYC Anarchist Book fair sets up shop selling anarchist commodities of all shapes and sizes workshops and other events are held as well.

Saturday night:
Following the Bookfair a gathering called "Catastrophe" takes place, meeting once again in Union Square. The cats move into the subway where a brief scuffle happens as police attempt to arrest a party goer who is unarrested and escapes. The cats exit the train at 1st ave and 14th street where chaos ensues and the party somehow becomes a bizarre march/ happening that confuses many including police. Windows of Mcdonalds, Washington Mutual, and Whole Foods are reportedly smashed as the unruly and scattered mob winds its way around the east village and moves towards the New School, which is quickly surrounded by police.

Reportedly there where 30 arrests made in these various events, and two police were apparently injured.

And the warm weather isn't even here yet!!!!

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