Friday, April 10, 2009

New School Re-Occupied , and then evicted by massive police operation

The New School building that was occupied in December by students was reoccupied, this time in its entirety, in the early morning of April 10th. A banner reading "Occupy" and a red and black flag were hung from the roof. By 11am a massive police operation involving, a helicopter, hundreds of police, emergency service and Fire Department units shut down a big chunk of the neighborhood. A clash broke out on 14th street and 5th ave as people outside attempted to help students escape from the building which police had begun to raid. Police attacked demonstrators arresting several. A police car was allegedly attacked as supporter purportedly threw metal barricades at baton wielding police. Shortly after the building was stormed by police wearing full riot gear. 19 occupiers are reported to have been arrested.

Timeline of events

corporate media video

independent media:

Later in the night a rally to protest the police eviction of New School students from 65 5th avenue and the brutality handed out by the NYPD was held in Union Square. An impromptu march was held taking up all 4 lanes of traffic on 14th street, barricades were thrown into the street as police began to follow. Eventually the rowdy crowd made its way to 21 West 11th street, the residence of New School president Bob Kerrey. Police moved in with metal barricades and after taunting Kerrey for a while the protest moved back towards 6th ave and then up towards 65 5th avenue. More barricades were thrown into the street and a group of three undercover officers made arrests. There was at least one unarrest made before police cruisers started swarming from all over. The march made it back to union square where it dispersed. There are unconfirmed reports of 4 arrests being made.

Solidarity with all arrestees, keep up the fight!

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