Friday, April 17, 2009

Communique from Colombia: International Political Prisoners Day

April 16, 2009
From the CEA-LA (centro de estudios abolicionistas por la liberación animal) (center of abolitionist studies for animal liberation) and the “Red Libertaria Popular Mateo Kramer” (Libertarian people’s network Mateo Kramer) receive a warm salute full of affection and rebelliousness.

Tomorrow, April 17 we will celebrate the international day of political prisoners, with the aim to generate and ambient of solidarity with all the fighters and revolutionaries around the globe, unveiling all the injustices and estate’s crimes, that in the frame of the actual socio-economic system we all have witnessed.

Today there’s thousands of our comrades retain in the walls of prisons, locked up for defending social justice, others for their militancy on behalf of the Earth and some others for their fight against slavery of non-human animals.

In Colombia there’s more than 7000 woman and men imprisoned for political reasons, maintained in precarious physical and psychological conditions and exposed to bad treatments. With the objective of terrify all who defend Human Rights, the Colombian government in the head of president Uribe criminalized all people who decide to give their life for the oppressed.

At the same time we are in solidarity, with all political prisoners who have give their lives in defense of the Earth and the liberation of non-human animals. For us there’s no difference in the different movements, we believe that total liberation in ONE build it from our differences.

That’s why we have to unite all our efforts and support all resistance around the globe… so each and every heart burns and light up the hopes and dreams shared for FREEDOM

In the name of CEA-LA (center of abolitionist studies for animal liberation) and the “Libertarian people’s network Mateo Kramer” we are in solidarity with all political prisoners around the globe, and we invite you to participate and get active in all initiatives for the International Day of Political Prisoners.


In Solidarity:


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