Sunday, September 09, 2007

The time is right to FIGHT!

"The Democratic and Republican National Conventions present a tremendous opportunity for anarchists and other opponents of war and oppression. If the increasingly unpopular occupation of Iraq is still in effect by summer of 2008, it will be obvious that neither docile street marches nor electoral campaigns are effective means of opposing it; it will likewise be clear that the Democratic opposition is either not capable of or not interested in following through on their promises of ending the war, let alone solving all the additional problems capitalism poses."

As next years presidential campaign heats up with the usual quasi-fascists and power hungry scum bags vying for the presidency, momentum has also been building amongst anarchists who will likely capitalize on the media spectacle surrounding the presidential campaigns to step up resistance and fight back. A new website called Unconventional Action will no doubt lend a hand to those who wish to confront the Republican Convention in Minneapolis and the Democrats in Denver.

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