Monday, September 24, 2007

Free David Venegas Reyes!

(from, see prior post for more info on David's case)

"APPO council member: David Venegas Reyes is a young 24-year old Oaxacan student at the University of Chapingo. He is an APPO council member representing some of the largest barricades that carried on the resistance during the long months of the intense struggle of the Oaxacan people.

As a respected representative of the barricades, he was one of the most honest people in the APPO, who never remained silent in the face of attitudes that were contrary to the spirit of the social movement in Oaxaca; instead, he and himself to defend the independence of the APPO from the political parties that tried to lead the APPO into the electoral process.

David Venegas was an obstacle to both the state and federal governments. Dignified people like David will never sell themselves to power by accepting money or a seat in the legislature, or by keeping silent. Even though he’s now being held prisoner, he will not be silenced, nor will thousands of other people who, like David, have dignity."

We call on all people, collectives, and individuals of Oaxaca, Mexico, and the world to refuse to remain silent in the face of heavy repression against the people of Oaxaca and to mobilize in any way possible to demand the freedom of all our comrades who are imprisoned.

We cannot allow people who are prisoners of the struggle to be forgotten. People who defended the barricades are now prisoners.

We propose:

-Demonstrations at Mexican Embassies and Consulates.
-Sending letters of solidarity to David Venegas Reyes and all political prisoners:
-Press conferences and informative talks about the case of David Venegas Reyes and all political prisoners.
-Writing to Mexican authorities to ask for the immediate freedom of David Venegas Reyes and all political prisoners.
-Marches, hunger strikes, cultural events, street theatre, video showings and talks about Oaxaca…

-(VOCAL-Oaxaca Libre)

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