Monday, April 30, 2007

Students re-occupy Radio Universidad in Oaxaca

At approximately 5pm today in Oaxaca City, Radio Universidad was re- occupied by APPO sympathizers and students from different departments of the Benito Juarez Autonomous University who are sympathetic to the APPO. With protests songs and political information, the transmissions were initiated to spread information about the different mobilizations planned for the first days of May. Tomorrow, a national labor holiday, teachers from section 22 union, together with other social organizations will march to the Zocalo of the Capital City to protest the continuing governance of Ulises Ruiz, ousted by popular demand since June of last year.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

La Huerta Orgasmika en peligro! / Community Garden in Danger!

Estamos muy tristes por escuchar que la huerta orgasmika una huerta communitaria magnifico en Buenos Aires esta en peligro de extinción:

"Hoy nos encontramos ante el peligro de DESAPARECER. Después de 5 años del desarrollo de la Huerta Orgázmika, el Gobierno de la Ciudad tiene dentro del proyecto de remodelación de la plaza Giordano Bruno (enrejada) su extensión, ya comenzando a colocar postes de madera que delimitan el espacio recuperado por la huerta. Terreno que anteriormente estaba abandonado por el Estado y donde se juntaban escombros y basura." leer mas.

Ahora hay gente acampando en la huerta para defenderla del desalojo.
Alto a la destrucción de la comunidad! La huerta vive!

We are sad to hear that the Orgasmic Garden of Caballito in Buenos Aires faces eviction.

"Today we find ourselves in danger of disappearing. After 5 years of developing the Orgasmic Garden, the city Government's plans to remodel Giordano Bruno plaza is... limiting the space used by the garden, land that was abandoned by the state where garbage and rubble gathered...

And why did we gather in the garden? To search for ways to interact free of smog (environmental, social, political,dogmatic, artificial, and car induced)to exchange and spread (dis)information, experiment and organize activities (the acclaimed Food Not Bombs, a seed exchange) as well as workshops about sustainability, ecology, the environment, self managment etc..."

Supporters are currently camped out in the garden to defend it from eviction.
Stop the destruction of community, The garden lives!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Parade Without a Permit NYC

Last Thursday April 19th, Radical Queers, anarchists, critical massers and other lovers of liberty gathered at city hall to take action against the NYPD's new fascistic attempts to curtail freedom of expression as well as to pressure City Council speaker Christine Quinn (an out lesbian) to withdraw her support for this draconian legislation. The NYPD's new 'regulations' which amount to the cops writing new laws, say that any gathering of more than 50 people needs a permit and prior approval from the NYPD.

The parade without a permit left city hall park taking to the streets on Fulton street. Scooter cops violently pushed the march back on to the side walk twice before the march broke back into the streets right in front of Ground Zero. At this point the cops attacked, bashing the participants of the march. One man was punched in the stomach and then thrown to the ground amidst a flurry of kicks and punches. Two women were also dragged along the ground, one young woman lost her shoe and was kicked repeatedly by the cops.

The march then continued on to the west side park, where it regrouped and the majority of marchers went to provide jail support for those arrested. All were released on Friday morning. Lets continue the fight, we can't let the NYPD dictate what we can or cannot do in our city!!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Resistencia Visual in NYC!

Resistencia Visual
Street Art From the Popular Movement in Oaxaca, Mexico
April 26th-May 24th
Opening Thursday April 26th 7pm

This exhibit is made up of woodblock prints and stencils made by
ASAR-O (Oaxacan Assembly of Revolutionary Artists), a collective
involved in the popular movement APPO in Oaxaca, Mexico. ASAR-O
formed in October of 2006, respinding to the call of the APPO
(Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca) a diverse movement of
civil society in Southern Mexico. With the goal that "all sectors
will organize themselves to resist and unite in the struggle
against the tyranny of a government that represents the interests
of the wealthy..."

Come out to see an exciting glimpse of the work that has been
produced for "mega-marches" and painting on the walls of Oaxaca
City. Its an inspiring body of work that makes the demands of the
movement visually.

ABC No Rio
156 Rivington St (btn Clinton & Suffolk St)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Freedom for David Venegas Cruz!

(from Todxs Somos Presxs in Mexico)
Today our companero David Venegas Cruz,counselor of APPO and member of VOCAL (Oaxacan Voices Constructing Autonomy and Freedom), was detained. Around 1:10 in the afternoon he was walking by Juarez Park towards the State Council of APPO meeting, when he was detained by elements of the Ministerial Police of the state of Oaxaca.
More info!

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