Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Parade Without a Permit NYC

Last Thursday April 19th, Radical Queers, anarchists, critical massers and other lovers of liberty gathered at city hall to take action against the NYPD's new fascistic attempts to curtail freedom of expression as well as to pressure City Council speaker Christine Quinn (an out lesbian) to withdraw her support for this draconian legislation. The NYPD's new 'regulations' which amount to the cops writing new laws, say that any gathering of more than 50 people needs a permit and prior approval from the NYPD.

The parade without a permit left city hall park taking to the streets on Fulton street. Scooter cops violently pushed the march back on to the side walk twice before the march broke back into the streets right in front of Ground Zero. At this point the cops attacked, bashing the participants of the march. One man was punched in the stomach and then thrown to the ground amidst a flurry of kicks and punches. Two women were also dragged along the ground, one young woman lost her shoe and was kicked repeatedly by the cops.

The march then continued on to the west side park, where it regrouped and the majority of marchers went to provide jail support for those arrested. All were released on Friday morning. Lets continue the fight, we can't let the NYPD dictate what we can or cannot do in our city!!!


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