Sunday, March 11, 2007

Strong Resistance and Repression in Colombia for Bush's visit.

Clashes broke out between Colombian militants (students, leftists, and anarchists) and the infamously brutal ESMAD (Mobile Anti Riot Squadron) in Bogota Colombia during US President George Bush's visit there Wednesday. Bank windows were smashed, and symbols of Colombian and US capitalism were attacked. At the NationalUniversity radicals fought off the ESMAD with Molotov cocktails, homemade bazookas, and rocks. Over 30 people are reported to have been arrested including anarchists and members of the Anarchist Black Cross.

The ESMAD is responsible for beating to death 15 year old anarchist Nicholas Neira during a Black Bloc on May 1st, 2005, as well as the deaths of many students and campesinos during demonstrations in the past two years.

Anarcol (Colombian Anarchist site)

Watch CNN report on protests.

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