Friday, January 15, 2010

Mexico: "the insurrectionist counter attack"

After years of repression in Mexico, 2010 seems like it is set to become the year of the counter offensive. Bombings and arson have taken place across central Mexico by anarchist groups.

A new year's day communique from an anarchist group in Tijuana claimed responsibility for the machine gunning of police cars, the stick ups of various OXXO stores (a 7/11 type chain) as well as the killing of a police officer who attempted to intervene in a stickup. There has also apparently been a reemergence of the Marxist-Leninist and indigenous armed struggle groups mainly in the poorer states of Mexico. What more will 2010 bring?

Read a good article by John Ross on recent events in Mexico.

A translation of the New Years Communique from Tijuana:

Black Christmas: We unleashed all of our rage in these dates of consumerism and Christianity in Direct Solidarity with all of our comrades kidnapped by the Mexican State in the entire world.

Comrades: During the first hours of this new year, we machine gunned three police vehicles of the Tijuana Municipal Police as well as one private police car, in different parts of the city. During the attack there were no "victims reported", our intention was not to kill the cops but to demonstrate that we are still active and in solidarity with our comrades.

We did this as a gesture of solidarity with the international hunger strike of anarchist prisoners called for by Gabriel Pombo Da Silva... from the 20th of December until January 1st, as well our attack is in solidarity with our comrades Abrahán López, Fermín Gómez, Emmanuel Hernández Hernández y Víctor Herrera Govea [currently in jail in Mexico for alleged bombings and attacks attributed to anarchist, earth and animal liberation cells].

We will also continue our expropriations from OXXO stores. This capitalist business took part in accusations against our comrade Víctor Herrera. Including yesterday we have carried out seven successful expropriations. We have ended the year well, which permits us to have the necessary means to continue attacking the State and capital. Unfortunately during one expropriation a cop who attempted to defend the interests of the State and capital died. It was him or us. Sadly, two robbers, without ideological motives, were captured during a hold up at one of the branches of the same business, the police are trying to blame them for our actions. We write this to clarify that the only "crime" these individuals were involved in was the robbery where they were arrested.

Comrades: The best way to show solidarity with our imprisoned comrades is to constantly attack the State and capital, therefore we call on all affinity groups, collectives and anarchist individuals to join the insurrectionist counter attack, we invite you to give an answer to the death that the State and capitalism force upon us, from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego.

All capitalist businesses are our objective: banks, stock exchange, currency exchanges, insurance companies, department stores, OXXO, Super 7, Seven Eleven, Supermarkets.
All government installations are our objective as well: cop cars, cops, police vans, soldiers, marines, etc. All of the headquarters of all of the political parties, and Unions. All churches of all denominations. All authority and its representatives are our enemy. Insurrectionist and anti authoritarian fire to all authority!

-Multiply the Affinity Groups!

-Lets Blow Up the Present!

-We shall continue the Direct Actions in solidarity with anarchist prisoners, supporting the international hunger strike.

-We will not permit them to put out the insurrectionist fire!

-Free all Prisoners!

-For the Destruction of the State and capital!

PS: Brother Gabriel thank you for you words! You are not alone! Another Anonymous Anarchist Action Tijuana, Baja California.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Do the riot thing! - support the Fittja 10 (sweden)

(from ABC-Orkan)

Do the riot thing! - support the Fittja 10 (sweden)

During the last year, riots and arsons have spread through urban areas in Sweden. Youth in poorer communities have started fires and attacked firefighters and cops on arrival. The unrest is clearly linked to a discontent with the situation they face; the segregated cities, the poor living conditions in their areas, the discrimination they face in mainstream society. Wherever they go they carry their areas? reputation with them.
But the answer politicians come up with is always the same ? heavy policing and maybe, maybe some social programs to keep youth busy and off the streets.
In Fittja, an underprivileged community in the outskirts of Stockholm, unrest and riots broke out and went on for some nights after a police intervention at a youth center on Sunday 25th October.

The Tuesday after, one person was arrested and the following day riot police raided the apartment the person shares with others in Fittja, arresting another nine people. The following weekend they were all detained, charged with preparing an arson and one also for rioting.
Police and media from the beginning claimed that the arrested were ?known members of Antifascist Action? who had traveled to Fittja after the unrest begun. The ten are described as ?criminal adults? and ?troublemakers from the outside? and depicted as the ones responsible for the riots and the damages in the area.
Repeatedly parallels are drawn to the riots in Rosengård in Malmö last winter, following the eviction of a center run by various neighborhood initiatives. Some people came there to get help with their homework, others came there to pray. Now, the company owning the building said the center was to be replaced with a school to teach the residents how to live in an apartment(!). For a while, the center was squated by youth from the area. When they got evicted, anger and frustration mounted. Activists living close by, joined them to show their solidarity with the evicted youth, like they had before with autonomous social centers like the Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen.
And indeed the picture drawn up by the media then shows many similarities to the one that is displayed today, the one of autonomous activists from outside the area causing unrest and destruction in an already vulnerable area.
It?s simple media logic ? a scenario with easily identifiable scape goats makes for a good story. Reality doesn?t have much to do with it, it?s more of a backdrop to the story. However, the people behind the headlines are real and they need our support.
The 22. december the remaining two of Fittja10 were sentenced, one to five months and
a fine of 1000 sek, the other one to four months in prison. One of them
has been incarcerated since her arrest in October and will most likely
have to stay in jail until the beginning of her prison sentence.
(The incarcerated individual appealed the sentence and has already been released as of this posting!)

Solidaridad con lxs detenidxs de Fittja

Una intervención policial en un centro de jóvenes en Fittja, a las afueras de Estocolmo acabó en tres noches de conflictos. Ahora diez personas se encuentran detenidas, acusadas de preparar un incendio y uno de ellas también de disturbios.

Durante el año pasado, disturbios e incendios se han extendido por las zonas urbanas de Suecia. Jóvenes de barrios pobres han prendido fuego y atacado a bomberos y policías cuando estos llegan. Los conflictos tienen claramente algo que ver con una desilusión con la situación que les toca; las ciudades segregadas, las condiciones de pobreza en sus barrios, la discriminación que muestra la sociedad hacía ellos. En todas partes llevan su mala reputación encima.

Lee Todo

Tamara Libertad! Free Tamara!

On Thursday 17 of December Tamara, an anarchist comrade from Madrid, has been imprisoned in the woman's prison of Wad-Ras. She is accused of having sent an explosive package to Albert Batlle, secretary of penitentiary services of the Catalan regional government.

The action was in October, during a campaign in struggle against the penitentiary system and in solidarity with the prisoner Amadeu Casellas, who was at that time on hunger strike.
Read more in English


"El pasado 15 de diciembre la compañera anarquista Tamara fue asaltada por esbirros dependientes del Ministerio del Interior. A partir de ese momento, la maquinaria mediática a sueldo del Estado ha desencadenado una campaña de desprestigio y criminalización hacia su persona y hacia las organizaciones solidarias que actúan con consecuencia frente a la mayor de las pocilgas del Sistema: Su sistema carcelario. "
Lee Mas