Friday, April 04, 2008

Chile: Jhonny Presente!

Mapuche Anarchist Jhonny Cariqueo Yañez died March31st, 2008 after suffering a heart attack while being beaten by the Carabineros (chilean police) during protests commemorating the Day of the Youth Combatant, in Pudahuel, Santiago. Jhonny was in the company of two comrades from the collective "Raised Fist" leaving the scene of clashes between police and protesters when a van full of special riot police intercepted them. The police beat and arrested Jhonny and his friends who were brought to the 26th Precinct in Pudahuel where they suffered constant verbal and physical assault...

Jhonny suffered from heart problems and as a consequence of the brutal beating he recieved from the Carabineros he began to have intense chest pains as well as pain in his arm. The police refused his pleas for medical attention claiming (falsely) to not have vehicles available to take him to the hospital. Finally after much insistence by his friends Jhonny was later taken to the emergency room where he was given injections to better him. He was then returned to the jail where he was beaten again, and released the next day. Monday the 31st around 2pm Jhonny laid down in his bed and had a heart attack, minutes later he was dead. The death of our compañero Jhonny Cariqueo Yañez was the consequence of his treatment by the Carabineros, and their subsequent negligence. The death of Jhonny is one more on the long list of radicals who have fallen in their fight against those who profit from our oppression. Are response will be to continue on the path that Jhonny made an effort to construct, the path of revolution, until we achieve our true liberation.

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