Thursday, January 31, 2008

Key Police Officer involved in Oaxaca Repression Assassinated in Oaxaca City

This morning Alejandro Barrita Ortiz, director of the Auxiliary, Industrial, Banking and Comercial Police, was assassinated in Oaxaca City at “El Tequio” sports park near the international airport. Two versions of the assassination have surfaced, one which claims the assassins used a 380 and 9mm handguns, and another which claims AK-47s were the weapons of choice. The second version further states that the assassins fled the scene in a red pickup and a black Dodge Stratus. Unofficial reports have surfaced indicating that a phone call was made to the local emergency services hotline by someone claiming to represent the Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR), and that the caller clarified there were “two more left to go”.
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Daniel Owen said...

Bastard coppers. Support the comrades in Oaxaca!