Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Solidarity With Indigenous Resistance!

On may 30th, approximately 40-50 anarchists, mapuche activists and students, and zapatista solidarity activists, shut down Chilean department store Falabella in downtown Buenos Aires.

Falabella was shut down in an act of solidarity with the Mapuche political prisoners who were arrested for defending their land against the Chilean state and Capital. 11 of these prisoners face over 10 years in jail under Pinochet’s anti terrorism laws. This action was also an act of resistance against Chilean capitalism which is the driving force behind the state’s repression which continues under the “socialist” government of Michelle Bachelet.

The protesters chained themselves to the entrance and unfurled banners proclaiming their solidarity with the prisoners in Chile and those brutalized by the Mexican state in Atenco.

The protesters chanted “Contra el ALCA y Capital, Contra el estado y todo Autoridad” as well as “Donde esta, no se ve, el socialismo de Bachelet”

Falabella was blockaded for about an hour, until the demonstrators held an impromptu press conference. As the demonstration was wrapping up the police attempted to arrest one of the “leaders” (the press liason). This attempt was thwarted as the crowd surrounded the police and unarrested their comrade. The successful action finished without any arrests.


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