Saturday, November 28, 2009

We Are the Crisis: Occupations spread like wildfire throughout California

The past week saw occupations at at least 5 University of California campuses. The occupations occurred in reaction to the states decision to increase the cost of a UC education 32%. In New York City students and assorted locals held a solidarity action that resulted in two arrests.

High points of last weeks actions:

UCLA saw large confrontations between riot police and students who tried to storm the building where the state regents were meeting to confirm the 32% hike.

Students at UC Berkeley
finally pulled off an occupation of Kerr Hall (aftter having been stopped twice by Student Organizers)

UC Santa Cruz Occupied again, this time taking two buildings and holding them for days. The Chancellors conference room was trashed.

Low points:

Self appointed student leaders repeatedly showed their role as recuperators of struggle, in Berkeley they stopped people from rushing an administration building and an anarchist was arrested after purportedly being pointed out by a student organizer. In UCLA an occupation was opposed by the manipulations of student organizers. Also in UCLA student organizers were seen reinforcing police lines in futile attempts to stop furious students from surrounding the California Regents meeting.

Occupy Everything! Fuck the Recuperators!