Friday, November 23, 2007

Benefit For Radio Projects in Oaxaca, Wednesday 11/28

Come out for a night of music, dancing and movies with: Las Adelitas (from Portland), Rabia (NYC punx) DJ Baglady (from pittsburgh) and movies from the rebellion in Oaxaca.
Wednesday November 28th, 8pm at 1087 Broadway in Brooklyn
$5 bux!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Free Juan Now! Libera a Juan Ya!

LEGAL UPDATE November 20, 2007 9:30pm Juan Esteban Ruiz, the musician who is seen in the videos dancing before he is violently thrown to the ground and beaten by several Border Patrol agents, is free! He was released on bond on Monday. Juan is a US permanent resident and faces possible deportation related to charges of felony assault on a federal officer. He will appear before a grand jury in his indictment hearing on November 29 in El Centro, CA. His friends in Wisconsin have made a call out for a letter/fax campaign to the US attorney. For more info on the campaign, click here. To donate to his legal defense fund, mail checks made payable to 'GDC Legal Defense Fund' to PO Box 2442, Madison, WI 53701, with memo 'Juan Ruiz'.
no borders!
ACTUALIZACION LEGAL 20 de Noviembre, 2007 9:30 pm ¡Juan Esteban Ruiz, el musico que se ve en los videos bailando hasta que esta asaltado y golpeado por un grupo de agentes de la Migra, está libre! El fue liberado con fianza el lunes. Juan Ruiz es un residente permanente y puede ser deportado por el cargo de asalto a un oficio federal. Aparecerá ante el gran jurado en su juicio de acusación el 29 de noviembre en El Centro, CA. Sus amigos en Wisconsin están realizando una campaña para escribir cartas y mandar faxes al abogado del gobierno de los EEUU. Para más información sobre esta campaña, oprima aqui. Para donar a su fondo de defensa legal, manda cheques que se cobran al 'GDC Legal Defense Fund' y con el nombre "Juan Ruiz" en la linea de memo a la dirección PO Box 2442, Madison, WI 53701.
sin fronteras!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Free Movie Night!: "When the Levees Broke" Part 1 @123 Space

As the world watched in horror, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005. Like many who watched the unfolding drama on television news, director Spike Lee was shocked not only by the scale of the disaster, but by the slow, inept and disorganized response of the emergency and recovery effort. Lee was moved to document this modern American tragedy, a morality play witnessed by people all around the world.

Speakers from the Aftershock Action Alliance ( will be on hand to give information about community preparedness to Natural Disaters.

7pm Tuesday November 20th.

123 Tompkins Ave (corner of Myrtle) Bed Stuy Brooklyn.
G to Myrtle Willoughby

Monday, November 12, 2007

Anti Fascista asesinado por Nazis en Madrid/ Anti Fascist Killed by Nazi in Madrid

Asesinado un joven antifascista y dos heridos graves en Madrid tras una manifestación
Un joven de 16 años, Carlos, ha resultado muerto, de una puñalada en el corazón a manos de un neonazi, esta mañana en Madrid.
(desde Kaos en la red):

Según informaciones que nos han llegado, al parecer los hechos ocurrieron de la siguiente manera: Los antifascistas subieron a un vagón de metro y reconocieron al nazi que llevaba una sudadera de Tree-stroke (marca de ropa nazi). Cuando se vio descubierto, este saco el cuchillo de caza y acuchilló a varios compañeros, produciéndose los dos apuñalamientos. Los antifascistas trataron de varias maneras de coger al nazi, pero el asesino huyó a través de los vagones hacia una esquina del andén, allí roció a los activistas abundantemente con polvo de un extintor, para poder escapar amparado en la humareda. Aún así, los antifascistas lo alcanzaron en la calle y lo redujeron. Uno de los heridos logro llegar hasta la calle por su propio pié, el otro trató de caminar por el andén derramando mucha sangre hasta que calló al suelo, inconsciente.

Ninguna agresión sin respuesta!

Reports are coming in that a 16 year old anti fascist named Carlos was stabbed and killed this morning by a Nazi as Carlos was on his way to an anti nazi demonstration. The attack occurred on the subway in Madrid, Spain. Two other anti fascists were injured in this same attack. In response demonstrators blocked streets in Madrid and attacked banks.

No agression without a response!

Carlos RIP....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

No Borders Camp: Border Patrol and Calexico Police Attack Protesters!

At the end of a bi-national march from the site of the No Borders Camp and rally at the Mexicali/Calexico port of entry, around 100 Border Patrol officers and attacked a group of about 30 demonstrators on the u.s. side and with pepper gas pellets, tazers, and batons. 2-3 people were severely beaten and more suffered from the use of chamical weapons. At the moment 3 people are confirmed to be detained. When people dispersed the border patrol chased some people on foot and detained groups of people, forcing them to sit on the sidewalk with their hands on their heads until letting them go five at a time. In one case, a person badly injured by pepper pellets shot at close range was pursued away from the conflict, pulled away from a companion wanting to treat his wounds, surrounded and beaten in the head with batons by up to 15 border patrol agents. All who were temporarily detained on the street have now been released. Two people have been taken into a border patrol vehicle. The two people who have been detained are in urgent need of medical attention. It is reported that many Border Patrol oficers are in the parking lot where people's cars were parked. Further information forthcoming...

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A la termina de la marcha bi-nacional que empenzo por el sitio del encampamento No Fronteras y llego a la garita de Mexicai/Calexico para un mitin, unas cien oficiales de las Patrulas Fronterizas attacaron un grupo alredor de 30 manifestantes del lado Estados Unidos con armas chemicas, tazeres, y batones. 2-3 personas fueron gravemente golpeados y mas sufrieron por la aplicacion de gases. Tres personas han sido detenidos. La gente disepersaron y en la salida officiales de las Patrulas Fronterizas persigieron a algunas personas, y lograron a detener a 20 personas en la calle, les hicieron senterse en sus rodillas con sus manos sobre la cabeza, luego les dejaron irse por grupitos de 5 personas. Hubo un caso en que una persona fue gravamente lastimado por las balas de pimiento, balazada desde muy cerca, que fue persiguido cuando se intento a salirse del conflicto. Las autoridades le jalo de las brazos de un companero que buscaba dar attencion medico a sus lesiones, y hasta 15 officiales le rodearon y le golpearon con batones en la cabeza. Las Patrulas Froterizas han subido a menos de dos personas en sus camionetas, y es reportado que tal personas nesisitan atencion medica urgentamenta. Mas informacion siguiria....

Friday, November 09, 2007

No Borders Camp Mexicali/Calexico Day One:

Its On! The first ever NOBORDERS CAMP in North America!
Ya esta! el primero campamento contra las fronteras en America del Norte!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Free Movie Night!: "La Haine" @123 Space

Today! November 6th 7pm
123 Space-Free Movie Night!
Featuring "La Haine" (Hate):
"La Haine" Tells the story of 3 young men raised in the projects outside of Paris. Following the murder of their friend at the hands of the police, the young men deal with feelings of rage, revenge and sadness within a racist and contradictory society.

This story, set in riot torn ghettos to the hip hop beats of MC Solar, is even more relevent today in the wake of mass rioting of immigrant youth throughout the ghettos of France and the election of anti-immigrant, 'law and order' President Sarkozy.

Also we will show the music video 'La Rage' by radical female French MC Keny Arkana (with subtitles!)
free food will be served!

123 tompkins ave (at Myrtle) Brooklyn, NY
G to myrtle willoughby

Monday, November 05, 2007


El Ateneo RIP...
One Eviction Another Occupation!
El Ateneo squat in Santiago Chile is evicted.
Read an article in english about el ateneo...

Anti Bull fighting protests in Peru met with Tear Gas

Animal Liberationists, and people against the barbaric practice of bull fighting rallied in Lima outside of the bull fighting arena and were met with police repression.